Thursday, March 28, 2013

Picture Book Review- Dream Big by Aron Simkins

I haven't reviewed a picture book in awhile, so I thought I'd start with a cute one I found that my publisher is involved with. It is- Dream Big, the Journey of the Jazz Bear by Aron Simkins.

Why did I choose this book to review? I just felt it was a great picture book, especially for little boys.
The story revolves around a bear who wants to grow up to be a performer. All of his friends laugh at him, but his dad encourages him to follow his dreams. The little bear practices and practices and finally has his chance to perform, but things don't go as planned. Our little bear doesn't give up, and in the end he becomes the Utah Jazz Basketball Team mascot.

I love the theme of never giving up and following your dreams. Plus, it is a sports book that boys and their dads can read together. So cute.

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