Monday, March 25, 2013

The Silver Door by Emily Rodda

For MMGM today I am reviewing Emily Rodda's second book in the Three Doors Trilogy- The Silver Door.

The Story- 
We start right were we left off in book one. Rye, Sonia, and Dirk are heading back to Weld to drop off Dirk's girlfriend and go through the Silver Door. When they arrive in Weld, things are a mess, and the Warden is not taking care of the people. Though they want to stay and help, the trio decides it is best if they head through the second door and look for Rye's brother Sholto.

Once through the door, the trio enter a wasteland full of bones and snails. They travel far looking for any signs of life, only to find the breeding grounds of the skimmers. They pull together a desperate plan, but are shocked to find Sholto working with their enemies. Rye and Sonia are cast into jail, and Rye's magic bag is lost. Things are looking desperate, and there are only days until their enemies launch a new breed of skimmers onto the world.

My Thoughts-

I so love Emily Rodda's books, and this is no exception. She is brilliant at building fantasy worlds full of magic and wonder. In The Silver Door, we have Dirk now joining his younger brother Rye. Used to being the older brother, he tends to boss Rye around. One of the character developments is the book is Rye's journey of self-confidence as he learns to exert himself.

I found it interesting that this book dealt with the skimmers. Originally I thought the final book would be about them, after all, that's why the first two brothers leave Weld, to defeat the skimmers. I just assumed the last book would conclude that arc. But, voila, Rodda throws in a twist, defeating the skimmers in book 2 and catapulting the story to a new dimension with the addition of an evil wizard.

I can't wait for the next book, not only to find out about the evil wizard, but to uncover several mysteries. I keep wondering what all of the magical objects in Rye's bag do. Plus there is Sonia, I feel sure that she is more than she seems. And then there is Rye's ultimate fate- what will it be? Kids will love this series. It is fullof magic, mystery and action. Two thumbs up.  


  1. I received The Golden Door and it's on my list to read. I really like Emily Rodda too. You're inspiring me to read it. Thanks!

    1. I fell in love with her Deltora quest books. Great fantasy for kids.

  2. I read another book by this author and really enjoyed it. This sounds like another excellent read. I enjoyed your review. I will have to check out this series. :)