Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Taylor Norman- editor Chronicle Books

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Welcome to Inside the Publishing World Wednesday! Today I am taking a look at Taylor Norman, one of the children's editors at Chronicle Books. I met Taylor at the Spring SCBWI WWA conference.

What is Taylor's editorial goal? She told us she wants to develop a middle grade and young adult fiction list.

What genres? She told us she likes anything that has strong voice and writing.

What types of books? Taylor wants to make books that matter. She said, "books that connect to readers, not condescend. Books that treat readers as smart." She is passionate about books with honest and true stories that will be of major importance to the kids who read them.

What questions does she ask herself when acquiring a manuscript? "Is this book going to matter to kids?" and "Do I want to stand up for this book?"

Where does she find most of her authors? She told us most do come from agents, however, she occasionally finds someone in the slush pile.

Taylor was asked, "If a writer has an extra hour, what should they do?" She told us that writers need to, "get out into the world. Spend some time with actual kids not related to you. Volunteer, go to author events and library readings."

Feel like submitting? Here are the rules straight from the Chronicle Website

Books for younger children may be submitted in their entirety without querying first. Projects for older children should be submitted by query letter, synopsis, and three sample chapters.

• Do not include a self addressed, stamped envelope.
• Chronicle does not accept submissions or queries by fax, via e-mail, or on disk.
• Chronicle will not respond to an unsolicited submission unless interested in publishing it.

If we are interested in your submission, you can expect to hear from us within six months after we receive your submission.

Please send submissions to:
Chronicle Books; Children's
680 Second Street
San Francisco, California 94107


  1. Taylor sounds like an awesome editor. Cool that you've gotten to meet so many editors.

    1. I'm just lucky to have several conferences in my area. This summer is PNWA in Seattle and SCBWI in Los Angeles.

  2. Thank you, Dorine and Taylor, for this informative post.
    Heather Villa