Friday, June 28, 2013

The Cypher- Guardians, Inc #1 by Julian Rosado-Machain

For YA Friday, I am taking a look at The Cypher by Julian Rosado-Machain. It is book one in the Guardians, Inc series, and was released this past February.
The Story-
Thomas Byrne lives with his grandfather. Struggling to stay financially stable, his grandpa looks for a job, but nobody will hire an old man. One morning, as Thomas is reading the want ads, he comes across a strange article for a job at Guardians, Inc. He makes an appointment for his grandpa, and then tags along for the interview. As Thomas waits, he solves an ancient puzzle, and voila, both Thomas and his grandpa are hired.

Work at Guardians, Inc is not normal. Thomas works in a library that contains every book ever written, even those unknown. He meets strange creatures, and is soon drawn into a world where magic and technology are at odds. Thomas finds out he is a cypher, a person that only comes around every 500 years to guide humanity at its time of greatest need. But, the bad guys kidnap Thomas grandfather, and Thomas is in for a battle.

My Thoughts- 

First off, though the main character is sixteen and in high school, this book reads like a middle grade book. It just doesn't seem to have the complex issues that you'd find in YA. That being said, it is a fun fantasy novel that takes on some new issues.

Thomas is a well developed character that the reader feels instantly connected too. As you learn about the disappearance of his parents and the relationship he now has with his grandfather, you become invested in the story. When grandpa is kidnapped and you discover what is happening on his end, you feel a gut wrenching twist.

I love the plot. The idea that every 500 years a magical being will come and write down the next 500 years of human history, is great. Thomas, as the cipher, can read any language, and it is up to him to find the scribe and keep the balance between magic and technology equal. Thus, a clue hunt begins. I love quest type books. We also get some nifty magical creatures, and of course, gargoyles that run the protection detail. Fun!

I look forward to seeing where this series heads.

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