Friday, July 19, 2013

The Fury by Alexander Gordon Smith

For YA Friday I have a chilling new YA thriller to review, The Fury by Alexander Gordon Smith. Published by FSG, it releases this month.

The Story-
 What do you do when everybody hates you? Not just hates you, but suddenly wants to rip you apart from limb to limb? That's what happens, without warning, to our main characters, Cal, Brick, and Daisy.

The world has the Fury, an intense anger that controls the entire human race. But, the Fury only happens when one of our main characters are around, if they are not, the populace goes on as if nothing is wrong. Our teens learn that they are different, that they have unique powers. Powers that will help them to fight the Fury and a strange being that is sucking the world into oblivion, yep literally, through his mouth. Our teens find that they are evolving into other creatures capable of saving the planet.

My Thoughts-

This book is so good. It is a mystery/thriller/suspense/fantasy novel all tied together. The best part is the way the author has written the plot to only reveal certain truths at specific points. You never truly know what is happening, you are just along for the ride, gathering up all the clues and putting them together in a puzzle. The story is told from several character's points-of-view, and it is well done, so you get a complete picture.

The story is also chilling and brutal, typical Alexander Gordon Smith. The Fury that controls the people turns them into stark raving monsters. You see mothers turn on sons, brother on sister and neighbor on neighbor. The deaths are chaotic, and only a few select teens across England make it out alive. And for the sake of humanity, it is lucky they do, because they turn out to be the saviors of humankind.

Now, the evil soul sucking monster. Such a great character. We first seen him in a morgue, where he is dead, but screaming. The mystery surrounding this  guy is suspenseful and really pulls you along. I just couldn't wait to see what was going on. This thing just opens its mouth and hoovers the world, and you don't know why.

The ending is almost surreal, with a strange fate being embraced by one of our heroes.

Teens are going to love this book. Heads-up about the violence though. 5 stars.

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