Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SCBWI LA 2013 Conference Pictures

I had a blast at SCBWI LA 2013. There were over 1200 people that showed up- Wow! It completely sold out. I took some pictures of friends, agents and authors to share. Some might be a little blurry. My camera decided to get wonky.

 Agents Jenny Bent and Mela Bolinao

Agent Ginger Clark

Agent Joanna Volpe

SCBWI Buds Cheryl and Alex

Author Lauri Reyes (The Rock of Ivanore)  and Me!

Author Kirby Larson- The Friendship Doll/ Hattie Big Sky

Illustrator Dana Sullivan

Author Veronica Rossi- Under the Never Sky

 Author Brodi Ashton- Everneath

Author Cynthia Hand- Unearthly

Author Kim Baker - Pickles

Author Laurie Halse Anderson- Chains

Illustrator Dan Santat

Author Jon Scieszka

Author Richard Peck


  1. Look at all those fabulous people! Some authors and illustrators I love were there! Awesome that you got to attend and from the pictures you had lots of fun! :)