Friday, October 4, 2013

Fire and Ash by Jon Maberry

For YA Friday I have a review of the forth and final Rot and Ruin book- Fire and Ash by Jon Maberry.

The Story- 
Benny and the gang have found Sanctuary and are safe for the moment. Chong barely is hanging on to the last threads of his life, and everyone is worried that a cure won't be found in time to save him. Benny decides it is up to him to seek out the missing information about the cure. He travels back to the plane, searching for clues. While there he is attacked by a reaper, but manages to kill the bad guy and walk away with a vital clue.

Now the hunt is on for the missing doctor who was on the trail of the cure. The problem is that the reapers of the Night Church are bent on wiping out the nine cities and Benny's home, Mountainside. The reapers numbers have grown, and they lead an army of 50,000 zoms. Benny is in a race against time to find a cure, and then save the nine cities.

My Thoughts-

A great ending to a great series. This final book is more about the human drama then about fighting zoms. In fact, the zoms are mostly background to the main story. But don't worry, they are still roaming around after flesh. Benny is a brave character who has turned into an amazingly cunning and strong hero over the course of four books. His groups of friends have remained faithful, each growing into a fierce fighter. In this last book, they put all their confidence in Benny and his plan to save the nine cities. Benny is such a changed person, that he is willing to basically commit a suicide mission to save everyone.

Full of drama and tension, this final story sums up all the loose story lines and brings things back full circle, straight to Mountainside. Fire and Ash is a telling title for an ending with a bang. 5 stars.

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