Friday, November 22, 2013

Second Verse by Jennifer Walkup

Today I am taking part in the Novel Publicity blog tour for Second Verse, a YA Paranormal/Suspense by Jennifer Walkup. Don't forget to scroll down to see the contests and prizes!

The Story-
 Lange Crawford has moved to an interesting little town with her mother. They are living in a 200 year-old farmhouse that is known for a gruesome murder that occurred there. Lange makes a small group of friends, including Vaughn, a songwriter. Together the group gets ready for The Hunt, a murder festival that the town holds once a year.

Getting into the spirit of things, Lange invites her friends over for a seance in the barn, but there are unexpected results, and soon both Lange and Vaughn are caught up in a real murder mystery. However, someone doesn't like that they're prying and gory threats begin.

As the threats progress, Lange knows that if they don't solve the murder, they will be next.

My Thoughts-

Wow, a totally intense book that will give you chills and draw you into a strange mystery. At first I thought this was just your typical paranormal, but then some horror popped in. I actually had to skip pages here and there as the author goes into grisly details about serial killers and their victims. All of it sets the stage for the mystery that Lange and Vaughn have to unravel.

The author does a great job pulling the reader along while only giving out hints. I truly did not know what was happening. The eeriness of the threats used against our main couple echo what happened to our murdered couple in the past. To truly twist things around, the author throws in  a chunk of sci-fi at the end.

I have to say that the ending truly shocked me. Enough red herrings were given that I thought it was someone else entirely. And when the truth was revealed, it left me upset and angry. Poor Lange! I love books that bring something new to the table, and this one does. Not for younger readers though.

About the Author - Prizes!!! 

   About the author: When Jennifer Walkup isn’t writing or reading, she’s spending time with her husband and young sons, listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers, and coming up with costume ideas for Halloween. She’s obsessed with good coffee and new recipes and likes broccoli on her pizza, flowers in her hair, flip-flops on her feet, and the number 13. A member of SCBWI, Jennifer also serves as fiction editor for The Meadowland Review and teaches creative writing at The Writers Circle. Second Verse is her first novel. Connect with Jennifer on her websiteblogFacebookTwitter, or GoodReads. Second Verse is published by Luminis Books. 

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  1. Wow! So glad you loved this one, Dorine, and what an awesome review! Thank you for joining us on this tour and for taking a quick moment to cross-post to Amazon and GoodReads. Also don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter and random commenter contests for yourself!

    Em :-)

  2. Loved your review!
    I too read Second Verse and was impressed with the characters and the story line!
    Glad to see others enjoying it as much as I did!
    Thanks for your great review!

  3. I already had both of these on my TBR list. I've been waiting awhile for these. I really want to read Second Verse. I like that there is some horror in it; that makes it even more appealing to me. Thanks for the great review.

  4. Thanks all! This is a real twisty one.