Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Author Chloe Taylor

For Inside the Publishing World Wednesday I am taking a look at Chloe Taylor, the author of the Sew Zoey series. I unsuccessfully searched the web for an author photo, but the following is from her own website:

The entire series is based upon Zoey Weber, a 12-year-old girl who loves fashion and designing sketches. Check out my review of book 1- Ready to Wear here. Chloe herself learned to sew when she was a little girl. Her two biggest influences were her mother and grandmother. Chloe says, "I learned to sew when I was a little younger than Zoey. Zoey's Aunt Lulu, who teaches her to sew, is based on my amazing grandmother Louise. When I visited my Nani, as I called her, I would often forget to pack pajamas or a bathing suit. She would literally sew me a bathing suit on the spot!"

She goes on to say, "I also loved sewing with my mom. When I was 12, we made teddy bears complete with Anne of Green Gables-era clothing and she let me design the dress for my bat mitzvah. She even taught me to hem pants by hand the car...on the way to the airport to go to college thousands of miles away. It was one of those things she thought I really needed to learn and that would serve me well as an adult."

When the idea for the Sew Zoey series popped into Chloe's head it was like a light bulb going off. She says, "I'd been researching for years. Everything from learning to sew as a young girl, to pouring over fashion magazines at camp, to watching clothing design reality shows, to admiring my fashion-forward sister's wardrobe inspired me to create this series."

However, the Sew Zoey series is about more than just sewing, it is also about friendships and self-worth. Chloe says, "It was really important to me to show strong friendships between girls. I love writing about how these girls support each other. This might sound lofty, but I also hoped Zoey could be a role model as someone who is confident in her abilities and isn't paralyzed by the need to fit in..."

Chloe Taylor lives in New York City and has written over 30 children's books. You can find  more about her and her Sew Zoey series at

*Info from Press Release

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