Monday, January 27, 2014

Alliance by Mark Frost- The Paladin Prophecy book 2

The Story-

Will and his friends are staying the summer at the Center. Will is learning to develop his powers, knowing that the Knights of Charlemagne might not truly be gone. The group fears that creatures from the Never-was will return and overwhelm them. The only person they can question is the boys' locker attendant, Nepsted. Nepsted is revealed to be a former Knight and agrees to spill his secrets if Will brings him a key that will release him from the boys locker room.

Will, Nick, Ajay, Brook and Elise realize that the key must be hidden deep in the underground tunnels beneath the lake. Will gets a job at the castle on the island, hoping to break into the one known entrance to the tunnels. While working, Will learns from old documents that his family once owned the Center and were influential in the Knights of Charlemagne.

The group uses all of their newly honed powers to break into the tunnels. Things are normal until they discover a lost city where creatures from the Never-was once dwelt. Inside the city, is a laboratory where horrible experiments were performed. The group gets more than they bargained for, and the information they learn puts them deeper into danger. Plus, one of their group might be a traitor, and the black caps are circling like vultures.

My Thoughts-

I really loved this second book. So many of the questions from book 1 were answered, and they were not normal answers, they are totally creepy and weird answers.

The characters are all further developed, each practicing to enhance their powers and fight against evil. They form a deep bond as they work together, which is all the more crushing when you find out one of them is a traitor! Great twist. Will finds out things about his ancestors that are shocking and I found it interesting trying to relate Will to his past. Luck was with him when he was raised by his alternate parents.

This series is getting good, and I can't wait to see what the next book brings. All the twists and turns keep going and going, and just when you have one answer, another question pops up. Plus, we get our Aussie guardian angel back. 4 stars!


  1. Thanks for the review. I'm not familiar with this series, but need to check it out.