Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ethan Vaughan- Agent

Welcome to Inside the Publishing World Wednesday! Today I am looking at agent Ethan Vaughan of Kimberley Cameron & Associates. I had the privilege of meeting Ethan at last summer's PNWA conference.

What is his background? Ethan graduated from George Mason University with a degree in government and international politics. Following graduation, he worked as a journalist covering politics and pop culture. After completing a summer internship with Folio Lit, he joined Kimberley Cameron as an intern in the fall of 2011.

What does he like? Ethan is actively searching for new voices. He wants literary, historical, sci-fi, horror, fantasy and general nonfiction. Though he admits that YA fantasy is his sweet spot. "In fantasy and science fiction manuscripts Ethan is very selective and particularly looks for believable characters, unique premises, and the integration of mythology into modern life (think the Percy Jackson series)." - 

His advice to writers- "Don't make your synopsis your query. Do put your hook out early in your pitch." Also, make sure your plot has movement.

How does he know what  he likes? "If I read it in a day- great!"

At the moment Ethan is not accepting unsolicited submissions.

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