Monday, April 21, 2014

Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull

Middle Grade time! I read every book Brandon Mull writes, and his latest release is book 1 in the Five Kingdoms series, Sky Raiders.

The Story-
 It's Halloween and Cole and a group of friends head to the scary haunted house downtown. When they arrive, things are a bit boring, but then they get invited into the basement, and everything changes. Cole's friends are kidnapped, and he follows them down a mysterious passageway in hopes of a rescue. However, the passage doesn't spit Cole out anywhere on Earth, but instead dumps him in a place called the Outskirts.

He too is captured  and sold to a group of Sky Raiders that salvage floating castles in the sky. His friends are taken to the High Shaper and Cole swears to find them, but that's tough when you're a slave. He meets a young girl named Mira, who has deep secrets and is an enemy to the High Shaper. Together they try to escape, but the royal forces are after them. In a world where shapers are able to change reality, Cole and Mira are in trouble.

My Thoughts-
Another great beginning to an awesome series. If you read Fablehaven, then you know what I mean. In this story Cole is our main character and I can't wait to see how he grows. Hints are given that at some point he will become a powerful shaper, though in this book he has no powers. He is an awesome kid who is heroic at every turn, even though he doesn't believe himself to be different.

The imagination and details that are present in the story are so fun. Shapers rule the five kingdoms, with the most powerful ones able to create what they want. I loved the different environments we read about, from a child's candy land to castles of doom. Shapers in each kingdom are different, and in this book we read only about one of the kingdoms. I can't wait for the others. There are so many places Mull can take this series.

A middle grade winner- 4.5 stars!

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