Friday, April 18, 2014

Ten by Gretchen McNeil

Welcome to YA Friday. Today I am looking at a book I read while away for Spring Break. I nabbed it off my sister's bookshelf :) It is Ten by Gretchen McNeil, a YA thriller.

The Story-
Meg and Minnie are on their way to a secret party on Henry Island. Supposedly it will be the party of the year, and TJ, Minnie and Meg's crush will be there. A huge storm arrives just as they get off the ferry, and soon the girls find themselves stranded on the island, with the ferry not coming back until Monday.

Their panic fades when TJ comes to their rescue and brings them up to White House Rock, where seven other party guests await. The party and drinking begins, but the night turns weird when they watch a strange DVD that declares, "Vengeance is Mine". The teens head to bed with the shivers, only to awaken to find one of their own hanging from the rafters. Soon they begin dropping like flies, and they have no idea why or who is doing it? Who will survive the weekend?

My Thoughts-
As an older reader, this book reminded me of the Agatha Christie novel, And Then There Were None. Younger readers might not have the same reference and will hopefully not know what to expect. The author gives this story a strong YA twist, with a young woman's death being the catalyst that sparked the vengeance.

The fun of the story is trying to figure out who the killer is and how each character is related to the plot of revenge. I have to say, this book doesn't hold it's punches. The author is brutal in the character's killings and often cringe worthy. Nothing too bad, and I think it's right up teenager's allies. Great details are given about each character, which allows the reader to tie everything together in the end.

A total thriller with a lot of twists and turns. It even had me wondering who the real villain was, and I had to laugh when I realized I'd missed a clue right in the first few chapters. 4 Stars!