Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Eddie Schneider- Agent

Hey writers- Let's get to know Jabberwocky Literary Agent Eddie Schneider. I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie at the 2014 LDS Storytellers conference.

Who is Eddie? Eddie is an Iowa graduate, where he studied fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. He has an M.S. in Publishing from New York University, and his client list includes Hugo, Andre Norton, Philip K. Dick, and Bram Stoker Award winners, as well as New York Times bestselling authors Brandon Sanderson and Alison Wilgus. He is currently the VP of Jabberwocky.

What is he looking for? Currently he is after realistic and speculative MG and YA. He is also interested in narrative non-fiction. Specifically he wants more fantasy (set somewhere outside of medieval Europe), graphic novels, and more near future sci-fi.

Agent or no-agent? Eddie says, "If you want to be published by the big 5 you need an agent. Set your bar."

His advice to writers. "Park your real estate as soon as you can. Get on twitter, Facebook, get your name out there."

How to send a query? Eddie is open to queries.Email queries to queryeddie [at] Please include the first five pages of your manuscript, and paste them below your query letter, in the body of your email. 1-3 page synopses may also be included at the very bottom, but aren’t mandatory.
When querying, please don’t send any attachments, as these queries are deleted, unread. 

Where can you find out more? The Jabberwocky site or on Twitter @eddieschneider