Monday, May 5, 2014

Knightley & Son by Rohan Gavin

Welcome to Middle Grade Monday! On today's plate I have a new release from Bloomsbury, Knightley & Son by Rohan Gavin. A delightful MG mystery/suspense romp with touches of the paranormal.

The Story-
Darkus' dad Alan, has been in a coma for four years. Every week Darkus visits his dad, reviewing old case files and hoping his dad will awaken. His wish comes true one night when Alan Knightly hears the word, "combination" on TV and startles awake. Alan wastes no time escaping through a window and heading out into the darkness.

Darkus has spent the last four years going over every detail of his dad's investigations.  The latest problem in London involves a book called The Code, and the freaky things it makes people do. When Alan and Darkus get together, they are on the case. Alan believes The Code is the work of a secret, evil group called The Combination. He believes they are behind many of the seemingly random acts of violence that has plagued London over the last decade. The problem is that Alan is still suffering side affects from his coma and is highly unreliable. It is up to Darkus to solve The Code and find out who is behind The Combination.

My Thoughts- 
If you like Sherlock Holmes you will enjoy these characters. Both Alan and Darkus are highly intellectual beings that are able to deduce clues from uncanny logic. The difference is clear though, where Alan is cold and rational, Darkus has nice hints of emotion. The interplay between both characters is classically witty and amusing. There is also Darkus' step-sister Tilly, who I found a fun mystery. Just the idea that her hair randomly changes color is a great hook.

I love mysteries that involve clue hunts and mysterious characters. This book has both. I enjoyed following Darkus as one clue led to another and as the danger grew deeper. This series has great potential just because of Alan's belief in supernatural beings and events. There is such fodder there. I'm thinking young Harry Dresden ish, without Darkus being a wizard, but we'll have to see if that pans out in later books.

This book is so very British too. Such fun to read words that I didn't understand because the idioms are different. A jolly good read! 4 stars!


  1. British mystery? Sounds good to me. Thanks for the review. I hadn't heard of this one.

  2. Finding great books is like a hunt :)