Friday, June 20, 2014

Chorus by Emma Trevayne

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Welcome to YA Friday! Today I am taking a look at Chorus by Emma Trevayne. It is the sequel to the YA novel Coda.

The Story- 
It has been eight years since Anthem defeated the Corp and stopped them from enslaving the population with musical tracks. It has been eight years in which his younger twin siblings, Alpha and Omega, have struggled with the violent musical track that was forced upon them. Now, Alpha is living in Los Angeles, trying to forget about her urge to track and working on finding a cure for her addiction.

When word arrives that Anthem is on his death bed, she heads back to the Vortex, with her boyfriend Jonas, to say good-bye. But the Corp was just waiting for Anthem to die, and as soon as word of his passing hits the streets, drug inducing tracks begin reappearing not only in the Vortex, but also in Los Angeles and Seattle. People have no say, and even music over the radio now sucks you in. Alpha is determined to stop the Corp from rising again, but to do that, she needs to find out why the music track she was forced to listen to eight years ago, was different than all the others, plus find out who among her mists is a traitor.

My Thoughts-
First off, I read book one, Coda, to catch up on things. It was thrilling, I've never felt music described in such an amazing way. When I started Chorus I was looking forward to more of the same stimulating writing, but be warned, first you have to plow through 40 pages of Alpha going through "woe is me" stuff. It is not until she finds her way back to Anthem and her old friends that the story really kicks off. Then I started to get excited again.

The real excitement of this story is the mystery behind what was different about the track Alpha and Omega were played in the past. The music has taken a different, and surprising toll on both of them. Alpha plunges herself into the mainframe, looking for the origins of musical tracking as a medicine and hopes to dissect it and cure herself of its lure. The adventure isn't as strong as in the first book, but it is still fun and you are eager to follow along. Sometimes I felt that bits were left out though. That a piece of dialogue referred to perhaps a scene that was cut. Also, sometimes there are facts and info that the author just expects the reader to know, without having given it previously. Those spots left me a little befuddled.

Overall, the series is just so original it is a must read. The author has the unique ability to put feelings into words and to make music into a real, breathing thing. It was nice to see back into the world that Anthem fought for. 4 stars!

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  1. Thanks for telling me about these. Just not my kind of book, so I'll pass, but I appreciate knowing about them.