Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Dreamin' Book Giveaways- Week 4

Welcome to a summer of book giveaways! Every Saturday I will be posting a new giveaway. The books range from children's to adult, from romance to cookbook, from fiction to non-fiction- so something for everyone! This week is being sponsored by YA Fantasy author Jaclyn Weist . She is putting up for grabs  SIGNED copies of Stolen Luck and Twist of Luck, and don't forget to check out the blurb about book 3 Best of Luck, coming this summer!. To enter fill out the raffleocpter form. Open to the US and Canada. Please read terms and conditions.

Stolen Luck-
Sixteen-year-old Megan Crenshaw has everything going for her until the day a leprechaun shows up on her doorstep and steals all her luck. Not only that, he follows her around and wreaks havoc in her life. With the help of her friends, Megan must get her luck back before he manages to destroy her life and the lives of all those around her.

Twist of Luck-
Megan finally has her luck back and hopes that life will return to normal. Unfortunately, the magical world has other plans. Suddenly, she find she has fairies following her to provide security, dragons become a constant threat, and an imp tracks her every move. As if that wasn’t enough, her luck begins to manifest itself in ways she could never imagine.

Megan has had it with leprechauns. They want nothing more than to take over her luck—something she’s not willing to give up. After finding herself locked in a dungeon on Christmas morning, she vows to take O’Malley down.

Between trying to have a normal life in high school, and fighting various fairy tale creatures thrown in her way, Megan barely has time to breathe. But when a mysterious darkness begins to snatch the fairies and leprechauns that have protected Megan and her family, she must learn the history of her luck and defeat the bad guys once and for all.

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  1. Wow. These look like a lot of fun. And something most can relate to. Some times it seems if we didn't have bad luck we wouldn't have any luck at all. Thanks for the chance to win these.

  2. So far I've only had time to read the first one, but I loved it.