Friday, July 11, 2014

Slayers- Friends and Traitors by CJ Hill

Welcome to YA Friday! Today I am reviewing Slayers- Friends and Traitors by CJ Hill, the second book in the Slayers series.

The Story- 
Tori thought she'd have longer to train as a dragon slayer, but with the sounds of dragon eggs hatching in her ears, she knows time is up. It will only take the baby dragons a year to grow large enough to fly and fight. Tori and her group of Slayers have been preparing, but they are still missing one of their own, Ryker. He needs to be found and trained faster than lightning.

Tori has another problem. She realizes that she has more than one dragon power, making her a dragon lord. She is half slayer and half protector of dragons.  What will she do? Plus, the Slayers have a traitor in their midst, one that is close to Tori. She is caught in the middle, with no time to choose. She must follow her instincts.

My Thoughts-
I really enjoy the idea of these teenagers being dragon slayers, slotted to protect mankind. They just have one flaw, they're teenagers :) They have a hard time working together and must fight through teenage angst. Our lead character Tori is in the middle. She doesn't know who to care about. Should it be Jesse, who decides dating her is wrong for the unity of the group or should it be Dirk, who comes to Tori's aid, a shoulder to cry on. And thus we have our teenage love triangle. It's well written and involves some nice twists and betrayals.

We also have Tori's major dual personality. She can't help but want to kill dragons. She's a slayer and has been training. She's seen the things they've done and the people they've killed. Her powers are for killing. But, then we have the revelation that she is part dragon lord, just like her arch enemy Overdrake. Ugh! Now she feels protective of the baby dragons and starts to bond with them. Her road is unclear and she struggles to find her way.

The overall story is fun. We see into Overdrake's life as he and his son train the baby dragons and prepare to wipe out the slayers. The overall theme of friends and traitors surges through the entire book with the reader never actually sure which way a character will go. I can't wait for more! 4 Stars!

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