Monday, August 11, 2014

Double Reverse by Fred Bowen

Welcome to Middle Grade Monday! Today I am reviewing Double Reverse by Fred Bowen.

The Story-
Jesse has always looked up to his quarterback brother, Jay. Now Jay is off to college and Jesse is on the Freshman football team at the high school. He's comfortable in his role as wide receiver, until he notices that their quarterback is horrible.

When Jay comes home for the weekend with thoughts of quitting his college team because he wasn't given the position he wanted, Jesse and him make a deal. Jay will try being a safety if Jesse will try out for quarterback.

Despite his doubts of being too short, Jesse tries, and succeeds! Now he's in a position to help his team win games and improve their skills. Will his determination pay off?

My Thoughts-
First off, this is a book about football and it'll probably pull in boy readers, but I really enjoyed it and I think a lot of girls will too. It was just a lot of fun to read about Jesse as he comes to realize that size doesn't matter. That it's how you play that counts. His first move as QB is to notice they also need a good kicker. So what does he do? He looks past the obvious and asks one of the female soccer players to help out. The whole theme of the book revolves around the idea that anyone can be great at anything. There is even an after chapter about real life athletes who beat the odds to become stars.

The only thing I'm ashamed to admit is that because of my lack of football finesse, I didn't understand  the illustrations included about football plays. I'm betting those that understand them will enjoy a whole other level.

I originally agreed to review the book because of a preview of Jay and Jesse. I really like that these two brothers are good friends and support each other. It was nice to read about a family that supported each other and set good examples. I just enjoyed the entire book and loved that it had a great moral and included good sportsmanship, but that it wasn't preachy or over-the-top. 4 Stars!