Friday, August 29, 2014

Rebellion by Karen Sandler

Today I am reviewing the concluding book in the tankborn trilogy, Rebellion, by Karen Sandler.

The Story-
 Kayla awakes from the bomb blast from the end of book two to find herself in FHE's hidden headquarters. She is told that Devak, her boyfriend, died in the blast and that now she must join the terrorist GEN (genetically engineered nonhuman) organization. She is reunited with her biological mother and introduced to the FHE leader, Ohin. But, something just isn't right and Kayla is determined to find out what it is and then escape.

Devak awakes inside a gen-tank two months after the blast. His spine is still injured, but his grandfather has used up their entire inheritance  and he is kicked out of treatment. Without his inheritance, both Devak and his grandfather go from being high trueborns to lowborns. Devak is told that Kayla died, but he has strange memories of someone carrying her body away from the bombed building. He decides to use whatever strength he has to find out the truth about Kayla.

As Kayla and Devak try to find each other, FHE has other plans, plans that involve freeing all GEN's, but at the cost of hundreds of lives, including all trueborns.

My Thoughts-
All three books have done a great job in dealing with racism and prejudice. This one brings everything full circle, with an ending that puts everyone on a more level playing field. I enjoyed the story being told in two different parts, it added depth to the plot and the characters.

Kayla is underground, a prisoner. She knows her one chance is to escape, but everyone who helps her seems to disappear. She finally teams up with Shakki, another girl attempting escape. Together they come up with a brilliant plan and it is fun to read about their endeavors.

Devak is loyal and true. He knows in his heart that Kayla isn't dead and will risk everything to find her. His journey is actually his final remaking. As a lowborn, he sees how the other half live and while on the run he meets GENs and others that are considered inhuman. When he reaches Kayla he is truly ready to accept their relationship.

A really good wrap-up to a unique series. 4 stars!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting series. Thanks for telling me about it. I love the cover!