Friday, November 7, 2014

Awakening by Scott Wieczorek

The end of the week is here and so is YA Friday! Thank Goodness. Today I am reviewing Awakening by Scott Wieczorek, a YA paranormal.

The Story-
Elena wants to be a geneticist, just like her father. Her college days are filled with classes and lab work. That is until she runs into Alexavier Edmunds- tall, dark and handsome. Of course, things go a little sideways when they are attacked by a ghoul walking home to her dorm. Soon Elena finds herself running for her life, with Alexavier as her protector, her very own angel-like guardian.

Alexavier has been assigned to protect Elena since the day she was born, and adopted into a human family. Little does Elena know that she isn't human, not until her powers start awakening. Now she must find the Elder, for only he holds the key to her salvation.

My Thoughts-
First off, skip the prologue. Yuck. It wasn't necessary and is a completely different tone than the rest of the novel. Next, get ready for another angel-like being story. Then, sit back and relax, because it isn't bad. I really enjoyed reading about Elena and especially liked seeing all her cool powers develop. At times her powers seem a bit over the top, like she hit the lottery, but at least she develops them one at a time. She is a fun character that is brave and ready to fight. She wasn't weak and didn't need Alexavier to "save her". Instead I think they made a great team. The mystery behind who she is and how she was born is what really pulled me into the story. The author does a good job dolling out the information, just enough to keep you wondering. You know she's gotta be someone important, but the whole story is only eluded too until she reaches the Elder.

This is a nice, quick read with a straightforward plot line. There are hints at romance, but it never really blossoms. I think readers will enjoy the journey. Plus, it's the first of a series. 4 Stars!

As a bonus, here is a little excerpt from the publisher-


Elena's face felt cold as the blood drained from it. She had not seen the woman's mouth move while she spoke. She sobered almost instantly, the hackles on her neck rising as she stared at the woman's cold smile. She recognized the voice in a moment of lucidity as the one she had heard at the airport, their tail, their stalker—one of the Opposition.

My mistress was right, the woman's voice continued. She told me it would be a matter of time before one of you two slipped up. The amazing thing is you both slipped up at the same time. The woman turned to Elena. 

The woman stood nearly a whole foot shorter than Elena and appeared much more fragile. Elena tried to gauge whether or not she would be able to handle this woman on her own. She knew from experience Daimon men were quite powerful, but never expected such strength from females. 

Let me clue you in on some secrets. First, Daimon men cannot handle their liquor. In fact, all Daimones are very quickly undone by alcohol. The woman eyed Elena up and down before saying, Second, you could never take me on. To illustrate her point, the small woman gripped the countertop and crushed a small section of it into powder. 

"What do you want from me?" Elena asked. 

The choice is simple, the woman replied mentally. Either come with me to see my mistress. Or... 

"Or?" Elena asked, realizing she would regret this decision. 

Or you and your companion die, the woman replied. A placid and sickly happy smile spread across her face as she said it. 

The woman's evident pleasure at making such a dire threat sent a chill down Elena's spine. She conjured up the most severe feeling of pain she could imagine and directed it right at the Daimon woman as she had done to the other Daimon in Canada. However, instead of the anticipated effect of crippling pain she had seen in the Daimon man, the woman's eyes flashed, and then she laughed. 

Silly girl, the woman said to her mentally. I am no mere weakling. Your foolish mind games have no effect on me. 

Alec...I need your help! Elena cried out, hoping beyond hope he would hear and come to her aid. 

The woman started laughing even louder. A terrifying grin crossed her face. He can't hear you. Alcohol impairs Daimon abilities. And Alec has had a few too many. I guess I shouldn't have bought him so many rounds! 

Elena didn't wait for the woman to move. Filled with blind rage over being trapped by this woman, she pressed her attack. If her death was on the menu, then she would take this woman with her as dessert. 

Elena bowled into the small Daimon woman, throwing all of her weight into the attack. To her surprise, the woman fell backward with her arm clutching at the sink. 

She didn't stay down for long, though and responded by pushing back at Elena with startling speed, shoving her back a few paces. 

Elena responded as fast. She threw her hands up in anticipation of the Daimon woman's attack. However, she couldn't fathom what kind of attack to expect coming at her. 

The small woman was lithe. She maneuvered herself underneath Elena's arms and thrust upward with both arms like lofting a volleyball lifting Elena off of her feet and throwing her into the far wall. Elena managed to turn herself sideways in order to absorb her impact with the wall and push herself off into a counterattack. 

Elena rushed across the room. The woman crouched at her approach. Instead of missing her target, however, Elena lowered her center of gravity and leapt, flying over the woman's back. While sailing over her opponent's body, Elena stretched out and grasped the woman around the waist. 

Elena's momentum carried her forward, and she tucked her head and rolled, pulling the Daimon woman off her feet and flipping her onto her head with startling force. The Daimon's legs flailed and slammed into the large wall mirror, shattering it. 

But she did not stay down for long. Before Elena could right herself, the woman leapt up and moved back across the room. Elena stood and whirled to face the woman but was caught off guard as a fist struck her across the face. Surprisingly, it did not carry much force. Elena brushed the blow off and delivered her own to the woman's chest, forcing the woman back several feet. 

The Daimon crumpled, winded by the force of Elena's attack. When the Daimon stood again, she clutched a large shard of the broken mirror, which she wielded like a knife.


  1. I'm not much of a fantasy reader, but I have a niece who might like to know about this. Thanks for the review.

    1. Thanks, I can only hope to spark interests.