Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Highlights for Christmas- Writers specials

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Choose your own holiday shopping adventure
Choose your own holiday shopping adventure
To some folks it's all in good fun, but for some of us it's no laughing matter. Every year we watch friends and loved ones venture out to the Big Scary Stores on Black Friday, returning hours (or days!) later exhausted, nursing their wounds and completely drained of all their holiday cheer.

We'd like to offer you the antidote to this madness: Highlights Foundation gift certificates. Give your favorite writer or illustrator a gift they'll cherish forever: the opportunity to create, collaborate and connect at a Highlights Foundation workshop. Learn more.

For a holiday story with a happier ending, may we suggest:

Our best bet for anyone who is passionate about children's literature:
Summer Camp at the Barn

For your illustrator:
Color, Light, Line, and Texture Hands-on Workshop
Super Children's Book Boot Camp
Picture Book Illustration: From Conception to Birth

For someone who is just getting started:
Everything You Need to Know About Children's Book Publishing: A Crash Course

For someone who wants to fine-tune the details:
Revision Retreat
Beyond Main Characters: An In-Depth Look at Your Supporting Cast and Transitional Scenes

For your creative professional:
Capturing the Spotlight: Getting the Gigs
Life in the Spotlight: Author Opportunities After Publication

For someone with a special focus:
Writing from the Heart
Nonfiction: Crafting Picture Books and Articles
Writing for the Educational Market
Spring Poetry Retreat and Workshop
PB&J: Picture Books and All That Jazz

If you have any questions about our gift certificates or our workshops, feel free to call Jo Lloyd toll-free at (877) 288-3410. Don't forget to enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving and know that we're grateful that you're part of our family!

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