Monday, December 1, 2014

Meet Darcy from The Awakening

My fantasy novel, The Awakening, (for ages 10+) is now available online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Plus, this Thursday, Dec. 4th is my online launch party where you can win tons of prizes. Anyone who is a member of Facebook can come! More information HERE.

In anticipation of the launch party, each day I will be posting an excerpt from my new book. The main character is Kyler and most of the book is from his POV, however, there are other chapters from the POV's of his friend Darcy, his Aunt Martha, and the shapeshifter, Walter the Wolf. Today we meet Darcy. If you missed meeting Kyler, scroll down to the previous post.

Name: Darcy
Age: 16
Lives: At the Conservatory of Magic
Desires: To be free to fight
Skills: Wood cutting and fighting
Weapon: Sword
Best Friends: Kyler and Henry



The night grew darker as a storm cloud passed over the moon. Darcy and Kyler backed up toward Henry, carrying Ralph’s body. They were almost halfway across the clearing when Henry screamed.
            “Look out! It’s above you!”
Dropping Ralph to the ground, Darcy and Kyler took up defensive positions back-to-back, her with her sword and him with his staff. They fearfully looked toward the sky. Darcy could make out the outline of a great beast hovering above the ground, watching their rescue attempt. The Griffin let out a mighty shriek and charged. Its powerful body streaked downward, it sharp claws extended to rend flesh.
“Henry,” yelled Kyler. “Cover Ralph.”
As the monster approached, Darcy lashed out with her sword, aiming for its underbelly. Kyler ended up deflecting a claw that had been intent on ripping his eyes out. Together they managed to keep the Griffin from landing. Swinging with all her strength, Darcy sliced into the monster, leaving a trail of blood dripping from its hind leg. Henry ran into the fray, taking up a protective position over Ralph’s unconscious body while Darcy kept up her attack. She swung and thrust her sword, forcing the beast back, until it found ground enough to face her.
With a berserk holler, Kyler swung his staff at the beast, knocking it a stinging blow to the head. Unbalanced from Darcy’s attacks, the Griffin flew backward and landed with a loud crash on its nest. Darcy and Kyler took up defensive stances across from the wrecked nest as the Griffin slowly regained its footing, ruffling its feathers in irritation. The beast eyed both its young attackers, anger flashing in its green eyes.
Darcy watched the Griffin approach, and gave Kyler a cautious look.

“Back me up,” she said through gritted teeth.


  1. Loved it... had me on edge. Best of luck with the launch. The cover looks great, too.

  2. Good luck with your launch. This is a fun way to introduce your characters.