Friday, January 23, 2015

Soulprint by Megan Miranda

YA Friday- and off we go! Today I am looking at Soulprint by Megan Miranda, coming out from Bloombsury on Feb. 3rd.

The Story-
Alina Chase has lived in a comfortable prison since she was a child. Why? Because in this brave and bold new world the technology to soul print is now a common form of identification. By looking at your DNA scientists are able to match your soul with a previous incarnation.

In Alina's case, that is the criminal June Calahan. Before June died, she had hacked into the soul database and released private information about people's previous soul links, including mass murderers and rapists. Her revelation threw the world into turmoil. Now, everyone believes that June's soul will rise to the top of Alina's personality and commit the crime once again.

Aided by three others, Alina escapes her prison just before her 18th birthday. They all want to use Alina for the same purpose, to uncover June's hideout and find her database. However, Alina has always felt that she is just Alina, not June. Driven by the others needs, Alina begins to reconstruct June's last days and decipher clues left behind. At first all seems well, but then Alina starts feeling like the clues are leading her to an even bigger mystery, one that will shock the world.

My Thoughts-
A truly gripping tale from Miranda that spotlights injustice and preconceived notions. This story reminded me a lot of how I felt watching the Tom Cruise movie, The Minority Report. I couldn't help but baulk at the injustice of being held captive just because your soul might be linked to a criminal from the past. The entire book Alina is only Alina, her only clues into June's life come from deep research and study. This is never clearer than when Alina is confronted by June's old flame, and it turns out he's a turd, who also has no real connection to his previous incarnation.

There is a hint of romance as Alina finds a bit of love for herself, but mostly the plot is what kept me reading. The mystery that June left behind is intriguing and at first you think you know the whole story, but the deeper Alina goes, the more the reader realizes not everything was as it seemed.

The characters are well written and strong. Their motivations matching their intentions and with a little back story, they become full and real. I couldn't help but dislike Dominic, which I believe was Miranda's intention.

Overall all a thrilling read that takes you for a ride to a surprise ending that will leave you thinking. 4 stars!


  1. This sounds like a good one. I'll keep an eye open for it. Thanks for the review.

  2. I'm seeing this book everywhere, i want to read it!! *-*

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