Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Manuscript Wish lists from Agents and Editors

I actually have a post for Inside the Publishing World for today :) I thought it would be fun to update a previous post about #MSWL, Manuscript wish lists from twitter. Last week there was  a run on posts, so I'm just copying and pasting all the good stuff. For more follow #MSWL or check out that agent/editor yourself. Oh, FYI- never tweet a pitch for #MSWL.

Brooks Sherman ‏@byobrooks  Feb 19
7. YA: I love humor, horror, fantasy & realistic contemporary. Examples: Shadow and Bone, Grasshopper Jungle, I’ll Give You the Sun. #mswl

Brooks Sherman ‏@byobrooks  Feb 19
1. All right, here we go: My belated #mswl stream-of-consciousness tweets! For starters, I am seeking PBs, MG, YA & adult—fiction & non.

Kathleen Rushall ‏@KatRushall  Feb 18
And I'll say it again. A YA with a feminist bent and a clever, memorable protagonist? Try me. #MSWL

Kathleen Rushall ‏@KatRushall  Feb 18
Got a diverse or multicultural YA fantasy w/ beautiful writing, strong world-building and a kickass voice? I'm your girl. #MSWL

Michelle Witte ‏@michellewitte  Feb 18
I want YA/MG with meat on its bones, something I can sink my teeth into. #MSWL Er, maybe I should stop the food analogies & get some lunch.

Lindsay Ribar ‏@LindsayRibar  Feb 18
#MSWL Please don't send me: vampires, angels (fallen or otherwise), teens with cancer, dystopians, Chosen Ones, or destiny/prophecy.

Lindsay Ribar ‏@LindsayRibar  Feb 18
#MSWL Also on the lookout for YA magical realism -- or just paranormal YA that's really grounded in the real world.

Rhonda Helms ‏@RHelmsBooks  Feb 18
I'm very picky about sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, but if you have something thrilling & different, I want to read it! #MSWL

Hannah Bowman ‏@hannahnpbowman  Feb 18
Big-idea science fiction, especially by women. (But no cheesy aliens!) #MSWL

Hannah Bowman ‏@hannahnpbowman  Feb 18
Big sweeping historical fantasy like JONATHAN STRANGE. #MSWL

Tu Books ‏@tubooks  Feb 18
General #MSWL for us at @tubooks: MG and YA science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and other genre fiction starring people of color.

Kaylee Davis ‏@Kaylee_Davis_  Feb 18
I'd love to see a scifi with a retro aesthetic and a postmodern approach. Really, anything with a style all its own! #MSWL

Brent Taylor ‏@NaughtyBrent  Feb 18
#MSWL time. Upmarket thrillers & mysteries, women's fiction, contemporary & girl-driven YA. Literary MG. Anything Karen Russell-esque.

Rena Bunder Rossner ‏@renarossner  Feb 18
Historical fiction in ALL genres: PB, MG, YA and adult. #mswl Give me mashups. Give me alternate histories.

Rena Bunder Rossner ‏@renarossner  Feb 18
I want great middle grade right now more than anything. #mswl All kinds.

Saba Sulaiman ‏@agentsaba  Feb 18
And in all categories: more funny, shrewd, self-aware female protagonists with agency and spunk and lots and lots of SECRETS #MSWL

Bree Ogden ‏@breeogden  Feb 18
Hey you guys…I still want a psychosexual horror novelization of the board game CLUE. Dying for it. #MSWL

Fey Publishing ‏@FeyPublishing  Feb 15
Call for anthology submissions: We need your creepiest, scariest stories ever. And we'll pay for them too. #mswl …

Beth Phelan ‏@beth_phelan  Feb 12
you guys should check out my #MSWL page here:

Lydia Moed ‏@LydiaMoed  Feb 13
I just posted my current #mswl to my blog. If you're writing anything that looks like this, please get in touch!

Jessica Faust ‏@BookEndsJessica  Feb 11
Talked to an editor today who wants a big, hardcover mystery. Dark, gritty, suspense, female protagonist. Me too I said! #MSWL

Brent Taylor ‏@NaughtyBrent  Feb 11
I'm still looking for a serial killer novel à la THE FOLLOWING. #mswl

Beth Phelan ‏@beth_phelan  Feb 10
I want to see a #YA contemporary with storms, natural disasters, blackouts, whatever, with short timelines. #MSWL Anyone?

StormLiteraryAgency ‏@StormLiterary  Feb 10
Hoping to see heartwrenching, unusual, trendbreaking #MG #MSWL Books that challenge my expectations, perceptions & beautiful #PB #AgentMatch