Friday, March 27, 2015

The Wind Catcher Blog Tour

Welcome to this stop on the Wind Catcher tour. Today I am reviewing  the YA supernatural thriller, Wind Catcher by Jeff Altabef and Erynn Altabef. See below for prizes that are up for grabs from the tour host, Novel Publicity.

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The Story- 
Juliet Wildfire Stone hears voices. They have gotten more insistent in the last couple months and play a continual static in the back of her mind. Her grandfather Sicheii, a Native American medicine man, tells her that it is her destiny and she needs to listen to the voices. When another medicine man is murdered, Juliet doesn’t think it is a coincidence that he was friends with her grandfather.

Juliet and her best friend Troy start searching for clues about the murder, clues that lead her straight to her grandfather and a secret society to which he belongs. The Order of the Twisted Arrow has been passed down for generations, and evidently Juliet is the “Chosen One” of their stories.

Soon Juliet is fighting for her life as more and more people are murdered and she is forced to run from the law. Her only hope lies in accepting her powers and trusting her grandfather.

My Thoughts-
First off, great story that completely took me by surprise at the end and went somewhere I totally didn’t expect. That alone gets bonus points from me. I was so sure that this was going to be a Native American supernatural thriller that when the author threw in a curve ball I was shocked. Yep, you’ll have to read it to understand my point J

The characters are wonderful and I really didn’t know whether Juliet’s grandfather was legit or not. The author does a great job with cross information. I was totally into the budding romance that seems to be lurking between Juliet and Troy, I just wish there had been more. That part was underdeveloped for a YA book, and I can only hope the second book delivers.

I did have one issue and that was with the author’s own anger issues soaking through into the book. The entire beginning of the book everything is so slanted towards prejudice against Native Americans that I could feel the author’s feelings more poignantly than Juliet’s. She is a tough, amazing girl and I really wanted to just ask, where is the balance? Not everyone at a private school is a prick and Juliet’s isolation seemed a little too stereotypical.Thank goodness the author continues on into the story and the plot really flows. 4 stars!

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"Wind Catcher is a suspenseful, wonderfully written story that will capture your attention and hold it prisoner. A book that you won't want to escape from. Brava!" - Stephen Fisher, Readers' Favorite Book Reviews

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  1. I don't usually read super-natural books, but you make this one sound very inviting. Thanks for the review.