Friday, April 10, 2015

Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve

It's YA Friday and I've found a good one for everyone, Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve. I found this wonder on Kindle after having read another series by her, The Walker Saga. That one wowed me and I had to see if she'd written anything else. Voila, I scored. This one actually fits into the new adult category, 18- 20 something main character.

The Story- 
Jessa lives with her father in the supernatural community of Stratford, Connecticut. She is a fierce alpha she-wolf with four best friends, the Compass brothers. Four quads that each have a remarkable power of their own- Braxton is a dragon shifter, Maximus a vampire, Jacob is fey and Tyson is a wizard. Together they are Jessa's "pack".

Everything changes when Jessa learns that her mother has returned to the community and has brought a child with her, yep, Jessa's unknown twin sister Mischa. Jessa learns that her and Mischa were separated at birth because they are both dragon marked, and in the supernatural world that means instant death.

Soon, Jessa is caught up in a plot that wraps around her as an alpha wolf and the Compass brothers as heirs to the supernatural council. They are thrust into Vanguard, the supernatural prison, and await a trial for treason. Jessa must fight to stay alive while holding back the darkness that resides within her. The darkness she now knows is the power of the dragon.

My Thoughts-

Could you tell from the intro that I loved this book? It is wonderfully fantastic. Jessa is a full on alpha with a dominant streak. She is able to control both her wolf and her dark dragon. Her character is strong, but shows touching weaknesses when it comes to the love for her family and the Compass brothers.

And the brothers, wow, they smolder. It was fun to read about each one of them, particularly Braxton, who I believe will become Jessa's love interest in later books (cross-fingers). The brothers are loyal and strong, willing to die for each other and Jessa. Plus, they are strong  supernaturals, the next in line for the council. Part of the trouble their characters get into is based on their desire to be good future leaders and help all supernaturals. I love that the author combines all of the supernatural entities out in the world of literature to create a fun environment taut with drama.

The action is strong and the tension builds and builds. Together the sexual tension and the action meet head on in a great ending that sets up book 2. I read this one straight through- 5 stars!

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