Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fan Fiction and Art Thursdays!

Introducing Fan Fiction Thursdays! I read and write about middle grade and YA books, but I often feel like I'm not getting out to my teen audience, so...Fan Fiction and Art time! I am looking for youth who write fan fiction or do art involving book characters. You can be any age to submit, but it needs to be fan fiction about a children's, middle grade, YA book or comic.

Submissions must be grammar and spelling checked!
Up to 10,000 words. (though if it rocks, send it)
Nothing foul or erotic.
Not all who submit will be posted.
No last names will be used to protect minors.

Interested? Know kids who might be? Please email Put fan fiction as the subject line, PASTE the fan fiction or art into the email. If the art won't paste, let me know so I can approve an attachment. Include your first name only, age if you'd like, nothing more. Be sure to tell me what book and author you are Fan Ficting.

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