Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wild Ideas By Elin Kelsey, Artwork by Soyeon Kim

I have a wonderful and unique picture book to share with everyone today. It is Wild Ideas- Let Nature Inspire Your Thinking by Elin Kelsey, artwork by Soyeon Kim.

First a little about the book. The core purpose is to show children that everyone has problems, even wild animals, and that they don't give up, but create their own answers. For example, sea otters that use rocks to open shells or humpback whales that capture fish in bubbles. The ideas encourage children to be creative and look around them to see what solutions animals in nature have innovated. I found the text enjoyable with different sized fonts and bold words to help children focus.

 I would have liked a little more explanation about certain animals, and found myself looking at the inside cover art to explain what certain animals were doing, such as the elephant. In the book it says elephants innovate, but I couldn't tell from the picture or the text how they innovate. By looking at the inside cover I gathered more detail and read about an elephant stepping on a fence to get fruit. I guess I just need somethings spelled out.

The artwork is non typical and 100% brilliant. The artist uses different mediums to illustrated the author's words. There are collages that seem to jump off the page, felt moons that show texture and bright bold colors highlighting events. I was eager to turn each page to see how the artist would express things.

Wow, this book is so fun. Kids will enjoy every page. I do suggest looking at the inside cover art first so you get a better idea of what the animals in each page are actually doing. 4 stars!


  1. Hi Dorine,

    Thank you for the lovely review. You and your readers might enjoy listening to the podcasts about the science behind the book which you can find at

  2. Thanks for this review. It sounds like a fun and interesting book. I will check it out.