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Percy Jackson Fan Fiction - Behind the Shadows by CazzyCat

Welcome to FanFic Thursday. Today a shout out to CazzyCat, an author of Percy Jackson fan fiction.

Behind The Shadows- Chapter 47- A Joyful Taxi Ride by CazzyCat. For the full work in progress 

Background- OC- Percy has a twin sister called Sapphire. She was adopted by Apollo to hide her from Zeus and Hades. She grew up with two loving parents and her best friend Luke.

Sapphire is now at camp half blood. She has been there for a few years now. A boy has turned up and is called Percy Jackson. All her friends are slipping out of her reach and are starting to stick to Percy. Even Luke who is starting to stray from her is becoming friends with Percy. As she starts to feel alone strange powers are starting to make them selves known. Sapphire is starting to doubt she is truly a daughter of Apollo. Chapter 47
It was either fight or die but fight what? Sapphire was already being gulped down by the enemy. Her backpack was long gone and was probably bobbing along the wave to some tropical island. Charybdis was not the biggest problem, well technically in size she was huge but not problem size. Sapphire's biggest problem was her mind. Her brain was like a wild storm, filled with fear, dread and panic. She was under water and it was so dark she could not see her own hand right in front of her face. She feared that if she let go of the breath she was holding she was drown. After her near death experience during her stay on Luke's ship she was terrified of testing her lungs out. trying it right now could be a terrible mistake.

The water around her kept on pushing her lower down into the pit of Charybdis stomach. Maybe Sapphire could hold her breath until she got there. If she could do that then her main problem would be how long would she be holding her breath for. Then there was the escaping part but right now Sapphire had other problems. The water was freezing and the coldness wrapped around her like a unwanted blanket. The pressure of all the water pushing her down was nearly unbearable. It felt like it wanted to break every single bone in her body. The only sound that flooded her ears was a strange buzz that refused to go away. Giving up was not a option but with the darkness of the water and the silent buzz Sapphire started to wonder who would notice her absence if she disappeared. It was depressing thought and she tried her hardest to push it away, but she had been alone for a long time now. Yes, she had been on Luke ship all this time but she had no one there. It was a deep sense of rejection and loneliness that she had been suffering from for.. well since she had left camp or maybe it had been since Luke had betrayed her. It was hard to pinpoint when it had started. Sapphire missed how it used to be, she missed it with all her heart.
The water around her gurgled a little bit before what felt like a giant flush and she was falling with all the water right into Charybdis stomach. Her lungs launched into action and she began breathing in stale fish scented air.
Through Jake's eyes Part 4
Sitting in a taxi with a can eating Satyr was not the most pleasant experience. The driver kept on turning her head to see what the crunching noise was. Jake smiled pleasantly back at her and he received a confused frown in return. Their mad adventure had led them to some place in Greece. Yes, they had hopped on one plane after another to get here. All Jake knew was that they were somewhere North west of Greece. Grover had suggested coming here and he is so intelligent that he even knows that the greek gods are well greek! Can you believe that? So Jake had followed him willingly to avoid insulting him further. It was unlikely that they would find Apollo here since the gods so like to move around the world a lot. The might bump into some minor god or monster but that was all Jake was expecting. Grover however seemed high of hopes.
"I've not seen Apollo since he brought you and Saph back from.. Where were you two anyway?" Grover asks with his mouth half full of can scraps. Jake sighs and falls back further into his seat with a slight amused smile on his face. Remembering their adventure/kidnap onto Luke ship was an amusing and slightly embarrassing story.
"We just decided to take a trip thats all" Jake lies. Grover grumbles to himself and takes another chunk out of his delicious can. The taxi driver turns her head and nearly swerves the car into a road sign when she spots what Grover is eating. She lets out a startled scream and attempts to grab the can out of Grover's hand. Grover is just as started and tries to snatch the can away from her prying hands.
"Sir! Give it to me before you hurt yourself" She screams in greek. Jake would laugh if the car was not about to crash. Its clear the lady has no intention of sorting the situation out. Jake breaks out of his seatbelt and climbs forward past the lady. He flops down into the front passenger seat and grabs the wheel. Sighing in relief when he sees that the car is an automatic. The road the car is on is empty and there are fields on either side that hold nothing but cut crops. The lady start screaming curses at Grover and is clearing getting no where. Jake yanks the wheel to one side and the car violently swerves and speeds across the road before crashing through the fields fence. He check to make sure everyone has their seat belts on before he takes the hand brake. The car stops in its tracks with a force that makes Jake grab onto his seat. The lady screams some more and Grover joins in with an even sharper screech. Once everything calms down Jake lets out a relieved sigh. The sun blazes through the window and makes something in the cup holder by his seat glitter. Jake looks down at it and almost let out a laugh. drachma. Their taxi driver isn't what she seems.
"Maybe you can tell us where we can find Apollo" Jake says with an amused smirk on his face. The lady freezes and turns her head to face Jake. She sighs and turns the rest of her body to sit in her set.
"And I was having so much fun" She grumbles. Grover gasps and points at the lady.
"She is a.. a.. What exactly are you?" Grover gasps out. Jake stares at the lady waiting on her answer.
"You are a smart one Jake Mason maybe you have been hanging around too much with that strange girl" She grumbles some more "I watch her sometimes and I just can't figure her out. Is she good or bad or just plain crazy" The lady ruffles her hair and shrugs her shoulders.
"What are you talking about? We just need to know where we might find Apollo" Jake grumbles, feeling slightly annoyed.
"A walking bomb would best suit her. yes, Sapphire Willow is a walking bomb and I fear for whoever makes her explode. Anyway enough of hopeless causes. I am Hecate Goddess of crossroads" Grover bursts out laughing and Jake turns to glare at his companion. Was Grover laughing at her description of Sapphire or for being Hecate. It was kind of creepy knowing she liked to watch Sapphire. Was Sapphire aware of her stalker?
"Why is the goddess working in a taxi?" Grover asks. Hecate hisses through her teeth and it looks like she is close to strangling a satyr.
"Its a good way to earn a few drachma. Happy?" Jake and Grover share a look before shrugging.
"Can I have my can back then?" Hecate frowns before she throws a can at Grover's head. Hecate rolls down her window and looks out at the field they are in.
"I can take you to him but it won't be free Jake Mason" Hecate mutters with an annoyed look on her face. "I will take all the drachma on you" Jake frowns at her
"I have some on me but where exactly is Apollo?" Jake asks. Hecate grins the most wicked of grins before she lifts the handbrake and floors the car into action.
"You will have to just wait and see" She chirps. All the windows go dark and the car zooms off through what Jake would assume was one of Hecate's crossroads. The speed they were going at made him want to throw up.

* art from Wikia collaborative communities

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