Friday, September 25, 2015

Lichgates by SM Boyce

Time for YA Friday! Today I am reviewing Lichgates by SM Boyce.

The Story- 
Kara Magari loves to hike in the Rockies. One day she discovers a path she's never been on before. At the end of the path is a gazebo with a sign on the top, lichgate. She travels through, only to find her self in a new world, the world of Ourea, a world of magic and danger.

Her first encounter involves the discovery of an ancient grimoire that transfers its powers to her and makes her the Vagabond. A long ago hero that tried to unit the kingdoms in peace. With his mantle on her shoulders, she travels into the new world with a quest of peace. Well, actually she just wants to go home, back to her dad, but the grimoire makes a deal with her, find the missing pieces of the key to its village and then it will free her.

She immediately meets Braeden, the heir to one of the five kingdoms that has hidden for twelve years in another kingdom hoping to elude his evil father. Braeden wants the grimoire for himself so that he can break the bonds his father holds him with. Together they try to bring all of the royal Bloods into discussions of peace, but a thousand years of war is hard to overcome. Then Braeden's father appears, killing one of the Bloods, and uniting all of the kingdoms against him. As the Vagabond, Kara struggles with who to trust as the Bloods each try to win her to their side and manipulate her powers.

My Thoughts-
Great story with fabulous characters and a unique, new world. So much happens in this book that it was hard to break down and summarize in the above section. Kara visits all the kingdoms and each one is filled with amazing humanoid creatures. She learns about magic and uses powers far beyond which she should be able to. Then there is Braeden. Right away the reader knows this guy is going to be the love interest and a great guy. He struggles because of his dark heritage, but it only makes him a nicer catch.

The plot is rich and filled with action, tension and wit. I loved it so much I bought book 2 and read it the next night. So far I'm liking what I'm finding. 5 stars!

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