Thursday, October 22, 2015

Picture Book Review- Papa's Book of Mormon Christmas by Emma Rae Parker

Today I have a picture book to review, Papa's Book of Mormon Christmas by Emma Rae Parker and illustrated by Alexa Terry Hanson. I have to offer my apologies because I was supposed to post this on Sunday the 18th, but because of a mix up I am late.

The Story- 
Young Alice is playing in the snow with her Papa. While building snowmen and making snowballs, he tells her the story of how a book helped him make it through a war when all of his friends were killed. This special book, The Book of Mormon, told the story of Nephi who loved all his brothers despite the fact that they fought against him. On Christmas morning, Alice realizes how special the book is and sets aside her new toys to read it with her Papa.

My Thoughts-
This book is so adorable. Let's start with illustrations, because that is what kids notice first. The artist does a wonderful job with large, colorful pictures to engage children. The pictures coincide with the story perfectly and help add meaning to the story.

Next, the characters. I love little Alice. She is a bundle of cuteness as she plays in the snow and helps her Papa decorate cookies. She also acts her age when she thinks that receiving a book instead of toys for Christmas wouldn't be that fun. Now, I do have some confusion about Papa. I couldn't tell if he was her father or grandfather. She only calls him Papa, and she seems to live alone with him. He is way older though, with a cane and bald head.

Setting. I had trouble with this one. I assumed it was modern day. There are cookie sprinkles and sinks, etc. However, Papa talks about going to war within his own country. I'm thinking what war? Civil? That was a long time ago. Could this be in another country? No clues are given. Then in one scene there is a candle for light. Hmm, I think there was some mix up in illustrations vs. time. Some actual words/dialogue would have been nice for the time period.

Those aside, I did love this book. I found it perfect for little readers with big pictures, funny antics and a great moral. 4 stars!

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  1. Sounds interesting. I don't think I've ever seen a Mormon-based picture book. I will check it out. Thanks for the review.