Friday, October 30, 2015

Unspoken by CC Hunter

For YA Friday I am excited to review the final book in the Shadow Falls- After Dark series, Unspoken by CC Hunter.

The Story-
Della is a reborn vampire that is bonded to Chase, a hot, young vamp. She once trusted him, but then discovered he'd kept important secrets from her involving his knowledge of her Aunt's death. A death that her own father is now accused of committing. Chase is desperate to prove to Della that he not only can be trusted, but is worth loving.

Together they are assigned to dig deeper into her Aunt's death and root out the truth. However, the vampire council is hiding dirty secrets that it doesn't want the supernatural world to know. When another murder is committed, this time to a neighbor of Della's, Della knows it is all related. A deadly game is being played, and Della and Chase are right in the middle.

My Thoughts-

I was so excited to get my hands on the ARC from Netgalley. I love all the characters at Shadow Falls and it is so fun to revisit them in this After Dark series. My favorite part is the love triangle that exists between Della, Chase and Steve. At first I really wanted her to be with Steve, but as this book explores Chase and Della's relationship and their bond, I decided that the two of them belonged together and the sexual tension in the book just kept climbing. I even wished there'd been a little more.

The twisted murder plot is also interesting. The reader travels the full scope of things with Della. The author does a great job leaking out the clues and hints. The fact that Della's Aunt's ghost keeps appearing just adds to the fun. There is high tension, and the final scene involving Della's entire family is intense.

A thrilling young adult ride that won't leave readers hanging. 5 stars!

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