Friday, November 13, 2015

Fatal Exchange by Cindy Hogan

I have an exciting YA thriller to review today, Fatal Exchange by Cindy Hogan. It is book 3 in the Christy series.

The Story-
Christy is a 19 year-old spy for Division. She is on assignment in Paris, France when the unthinkable happens. She loses evidence and the man she is sent to protect is murdered. Now on leave, she takes it upon herself to infiltrate the gang of pickpockets that stole her thumb drive. The stakes are raised when it is revealed that a high up political figure is after the thumb drive too, and will murder to get it.

My Thoughts-
Wow, this book starts with action and then just keeps going. I enjoyed every minute of this spy thriller. Christy is an amazing character with outrageous skills. Pretty much the dream spy every youth wishes they could be. She also has a forbidden romance going on with her handler, Jeremy. Though he only appears during the second half of the book, the author does a good job with Christy thinking about him at critical times. And then when he returns mid-way, it is unclear if he still feels the same way about Christy and there is some nice angst.

The setting, Paris, is wonderful. The author takes you to all the tourist spots, including the Louvre. She seems to have a good understanding of Paris and describes places with a fresh perspective. There is a great representation of the culture and it's people. It was also nice to see Christy in a different environment than in the first two books.

Character wise, the head of the Paris division drove me nuts. Why is it always the head honcho that makes stupid calls and doesn't trust the main character? That was a bit cliche for me, but it did add tension and set the stage for Christy having to work on her own.

Overall, I think young readers will love this book. The action, adventure and setting are a delight. 5 stars!

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