Friday, January 22, 2016

The Blue Woods by Nicole Maggi

Welcome to YA Friday! Today I am reviewing a new YA paranormal, The Blue Woods, by Nicole Maggi. It is book three in the Twin Willows Trilogy.

The Story-
Alessia is a Benandante, a human who takes on an animal spirit and fights for goodness and balance. Her enemy, the Malandanti, have invaded her town and have captured the sacred site that her people protect. Now their is a battle erupting that involves sacred sites all over the world and the fate of humanity is at stake.

Making things worse its that Alessia's boyfriend, Jonah, was tricked into becoming a Maladanti, and now she must fight him to remain true to her clan. Her search to find away to switch him to a Benadante have paid off, put the price is too high and can not be paid.

My Thoughts-

I have enjoyed this trilogy. It is fresh and full of angst. Alessia and Jonah's relationship is a drawing factor, and as they try to help each other while hiding the truth from their clans, the tension rises.

Another interesting factor involves meeting Benandante from around the world. It was nice to see outside the circle that is Twin Willows and see exactly how the rest of the world is protected and learn about other sacred sites and their powers.

My favorite character in this book is actually Bree, Jonah's sister. She has slowly been emerging as a mage, but in this last book she hits her full power and we really get a good look inside the girl that started off as a stuck up shrew. Her change is beautiful and some of the choices she is faced with in this book really show her new character traits.

I loved the ending and thought the author wrapped things up well. This trio is worth the read- 5 stars!


  1. I am not into paranormal, but the cover sure caught my eye. It is beautiful.