Monday, March 7, 2016

National Geographic Kids- Birds by Julie Beer

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Welcome to Middle Grade Monday! Today I am looking at some non-fiction from National Geographic Kids, Birds, the Ultimate Explorer Field Guide.

Since this is a scientific exploration book I wanted to see how my younger boys reacted to it first. I gave them the field guide and they eagerly turned the pages, looking at the pictures and reading the names of the birds. My seven year old liked it the best, and actually started asking questions about what he was reading. So, good news there.

Now, my thoughts. I can not stress how amazing the photography is. The birds come to life in beautiful, candid shots that had me eager to turn the pages. They are arranged in the book based on the species they belong to. This works well, except that I wondered about why they were part of the same species or why that species name came about. For example, there are a family of birds classified as goatsuckers, huh? Why? I would have loved to know.

Kids will find each bird entry full of details and easy to decode. There is a map for each bird that shows where in North America in can be found and at what times of the year. There are also drawn illustrations of each bird with specific physical details pointed out so that young bird watchers can identify their birds. There are also occasional Bird Nerd facts, jokes and True or False questions.

Dividing up the book are special Birdtastic Features that show full color photographs of bird habitats, strange bird behaviors, extinct birds and more. You can also find a quick ID guide in the rear of the book.

Personally, I found this an enjoyable book. As a non-fiction title it is specifically geared toward young middle graders who want simple facts and easy identifications. It is the perfect size for kid readers and is great for those with a slight interest and those who actually want to go exploring in the wild. 4.5 stars!


  1. Beautiful cover. Non-fiction books like this one seem to go over well with the reluctant readers in my life.

  2. My boys would enjoy this too. We've all had fun watching our bird feeder this winter and identifying birds. This sounds like a good one!

  3. I love bird books and have way too many, but I just might have to add this one as well. The NatGeoKids books are all spectacular. Thanks for the review.