Monday, May 16, 2016

Bailey's Story- A Dog's Purpose Novel by W. Bruce Cameron

Welcome to Middle Grade Monday! Today I am looking at a new release, Bailey's Story, by W. Bruce Cameron. This book is from the Dog's Purpose series and is written from the dog's point of view.

The Story-
Bailey's story begins when he is just a few days old, living with his mom and sibling pups. He decides that the world is waiting for him, so one day he escapes his kennel and ventures into the open. He is adopted by a loving family with a son named Ethan.

Bailey is super excited to be Ethan's dog. He spends every minute with him, but when school rolls around things change. As the pup learns his new role in the family, he also comes to a decision, his true purpose is to protect Ethan. Bailey and Ethan grow up together, going on many adventures and learning about life. When a neighborhood bully grows into a worse threat, it is Bailey to the rescue.

My Thoughts-
Adorable! This book really had me wanting to go out and buy a dog. Just reading from Bailey's POV and seeing how much unconditional love he had for Ethan was heartwarming. It is a simple story and kids will enjoy Bailey's and Ethan's adventures. Several times Bailey is there to save the day and his main purpose is truly just to love Ethan.

The author does a great job of communicating the puppy perspective. He focuses on scent, sound and touch to convey doggy thoughts and feelings.I found it interesting that Bailey seems to have been born with a full vocabulary and awareness of the world, but who knows, maybe dogs are?

The antagonist of this story is Todd, a neighbor  who continually tries to hurt Bailey. The reader can tell right away that something is wrong in his twisted mind. However, it is conveyed in a way that a middle grade reader can understand without being afraid. Caution is also conveyed.

My one critique- Ethan is left alone on a farm at the age of 10? for the weekend. What? Who does that?

Overall, a cute story perfect for middle graders. 4 stars!


  1. You had me right after seeing the cover. Sounds like a heartfelt story for dog lovers and will likely convince more readers to become one.

  2. Yes! Love the cover. I forgot to mention that.

  3. Yes, the cover grabbed me immediately! I love this heartwarming story about a dog and his boy. :) Think a granddaughter would too. Thanks.