Monday, February 13, 2017

The Marvelous Magic of Miss Mabel by Natasha Lowe

It's MMGM or Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday! Today I am reviewing The Marvelous Magic of Miss Mabel by Natasha Lowe. Don't forget to head over to MMGM central at Shannon Messenger.

The Story-
One morning Nora Ratcliff finds a baby in the flower pot on her front porch. Always having wanted a child, Nora keeps her and raises her as her own. Mabel has no idea that she was adopted and grows up wonderfully happy and creative. Well, happy until her mom hires a strict nanny.

At a very young age Mabel shows an inclination for magic, and when she is old enough she enters Ruthersfield Academy, a school for witches. Mabel tries to fit it, but as always, her creative tenancies get in the way. She just can't understand why the rules have never changed with the times. Add that to pretentious bullies whom announce Mabel's flower pot arrival, something she didn't even know about, Mabel is miserable.

Desperate to express her true self, Mabel enters a contest for progressive thinking witches. Her invention, an outdoor wind clothes dryer will put her ahead of the game, unless a bitter rival witch has her way and keeps Mabel out of the running.

My Thoughts-
This is a delightfully funny middle grade story that will leave readers wanting more wacky witchcraft. Mabel is a great heroine, a child that perseveres despite the odds because she is rooted in family love, Nora's love. She learns that she is her very own person, and sometimes the people you call family are not the one's who birthed you, but the one's who love and grow with you.

I don't normally mention cover art, but this book's cover is perfect. I love the green and gold patterns with a picture of little Mabel sitting somewhat mischievously on her broom with a scared cat on back.

Readers will cheer for Mabel as she overcomes all the brambles put in her path. They will learn bravery and compassion too. I really enjoyed this story with all its quirks- 5 stars!


  1. I noticed the cover too! Very appealing for young readers. Funny stories are always popular with kids.

  2. I know a Mabel and she'd get a kick out of reading about a main character with her name. The story sounds good enough for me to give it a go, too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It is always a pleasure to share a good book :)

  4. What a magical read! I think I would enjoy this book! Sounds like fun! Great cover

  5. This sounds really fun. I will have to check it out. Thanks for the review.

  6. This looks like fun - I love magical stuff that maybe could work, like a wind-powered clothes dryer (which I think we have invented in our yard using muggle minds).