Monday, April 17, 2017

Dragon Captives (The Unwanteds Quests #1) by Lisa McMann

I love Middle-Grade Mondays! Today I am sharing a recent release from Aladdin, Dragon Captives (The Unwanteds Quests #1) by Lisa McMann. This is actually the first book in a sequel series set after The Unwanteds.

The Story-
Twin sisters,  Fifer and Thisbe Stowe, are tired of being treated as little children. They have remarkable powers, magic that often gets out of control. They believe they should get training to help. Their big brother Alex, the head of magic on the Seven Isles, thinks just the opposite, that they should be kept away from it at all costs until they are much older.

In a quest to prove themselves, Fifer, Thisbe and their best friend Seth, lie to a dragon and fly to Dragon World, where dragons are enslaved and need help.  Adventures are not quite as fun as the stories they've been told, and the trio are quickly cast into the dungeon. Nothing goes as planned, and with untrained magic powers, Fifer and Thisbe might not be able to save themselves or the dragons.

My Thoughts-
I did not read the first series, The Unwanteds, so I came to this book with a fresh perspective, and it was just fine. There is enough of a back story given that you don't get lost, plus this story is about the twelve year old twins, where the other series happened ten years in the past to their older twin brothers. Alex and Aaron.

I really felt bad for these poor girls. They are obviously talented, but their brother keeps all magic away from them. He fears that his sisters are out of control and wants to keep them in a safe bubble. Fifer and Thisbe believe just the opposite, and of course, this gets them into trouble. And because they have been sheltered by their big brother, they are not prepared to face the adventure ahead. Good news, the twins quickly realize this, which I liked, and they take responsibility fast.

There are a score of other fun characters, including stone statues that are alive. I found this aspect of the story delightful. The highest level of mages can turn unliving matter into living things. For Fifer and Thisbe, this means that they need to add on length to the enslaved dragons wings so that they can fly free.

 The very first chapter gives a dynamic start to the book, and a very good insight into Fifer and Thisbe's  personalities and the problems with their magic. Plus, one of the twins causes a stone creature to die, and the reader is able to see the depth of her pain at harming or killing another creature.

This is a good start off to what seems like a very adventurous and exciting series. I really enjoyed it. 5 stars!


  1. I've not read either of these series, but I love a good dragon story. Thanks for the heads-up. I've added them to my TBR list.

    1. Great! Yes, it was new to me too. Which is always weird because I have my eye out there looking.

  2. I'm not much of a dragon story reader or really fantasy of any kind, but I have a plethora of fantasy readers in my family. I will make sure they know about this one. Thanks for the review.