Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Agent Deborah Warren, East West Literary

It's get to know agent Deborah Warren time! Another fun panelist from the SCBWI WWA Spring Conference.

Deborah Warren, agent and founder of East West Literary, is a strategist, incorporating long-term goals to help E/W clients not only grow a career, but to flourish within that career. With over 35 years of experience in the publishing industry, including 17 years at Harcourt and over 16 years at the helm of E/W, Deborah represents authors and illustrators in the picture book, board book, concept, novelty, multicultural, nonfiction, middle-grade, and young adult markets. Deborah’s looking to fall in love with character-driven stories with heart, enhanced by a hook, told in a unique, fresh or distinctive way. Her sweet spots: short, quirky picture books and smartly layered, memorable and insightful MG and YA fiction.

What is she looking for?
She told the audience, "something I connect with and fall in love with. It could be anything at all."
But, she did mention she loves novels in verse.

If an agent passes on your manuscript, it might not have anything to do with your work. Perhaps the editor is full, didn't connect to the story, or is moving companies. It is important to know it could be right for someone else.

On her agenting style- She likes personal connections with her clients. So much is done by email these days, she finds it important to talk over the phone, to hear someone else's voice.

Her advice to writers?
Nurture your passion. Your writing needs to come from the heart. It begins with you.

For more information check out the submissions page at East West Literary.

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