Monday, May 15, 2017

Chester Raccoon and The Almost Perfect Sleepover by Audrey Penn

Today I am focusing on a cute picture book from the Kissing Hand book series, Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover by Audrey Penn and illustrated by Barbara L. Gibson.

This is a great Mother's Day picture book. Chester Raccoon is off for his first "dayover" or sleepover in our world. He has a lot of fun with his friends, but when it is time to sleep he realizes he is home sick. And guess what? He goes home. Yep, nothing wrong with that and I'm so glad this book captured that aspect of things. When I was little I got scared at sleepovers and went home too. I used to get embarrassed until I learned it was okay. This book has Momma Raccoon welcoming home her cub and letting him know that home is always there when needed and so is family.

This book is delightfully illustrated with big pictures and interesting scenes. My favorite ones are when the skunk gets excited, he lets out a plum of purple gas he calls a "stinky puff." Too cute! Children will enjoy the pages and relate to the story. 5 stars!


  1. Awwww. Look at that cover. I will definitely have to check this out. Thanks for the post.