Monday, May 1, 2017

Dragonwatch by Brandon Mull

Welcome to Middle Grade Monday! I am so excited to share my review with you today. I have been waiting for this book for awhile, ever since I heard Brandon Mull officially announce it at an ANWA conference two years ago. Drum roll please... May I present, book 1 in the new Fablehaven series, Dragonwatch.

The Story-
Kendra and her younger brother Seth are back and it is only a few months after the conclusion of the first series. A new trouble has arisen, dragons. Though the large wyrms helped fight the demons and save the planet, they have tasted power once again and want to be freed from the their sanctuaries, or prisons to them.

Kendra and Seth, when together, are able to resist the enchanting powers of dragons, and being ones of the few left in the world who can accomplish this feat, they are asked to help out in Wyrmroost. As the two siblings take on their new roles, danger awaits them and supernatural powers turn against them.

My Thoughts-
Yeah! This book lived up to my expectations. Though a little shorter than some of the others, it holds a great story and the promise of an arc that will take readers on an adventure for the next four books. Kendra and Seth are growing up, with Kendra 15 and Seth 13, there is still that middle grade voice, but there is a hint at budding romance for Kendra. Seth is still wild and unpredictable, the perfect pre-teenish boy hero who gets in trouble a lot, but somehow always has the right answer.

This book really sets up the plot for the next four. Dragons are trying to break free from their sanctuaries and ultimately desire to rule the world. Their rule would be horrific and deadly. Kendra and Seth will do all within their powers to stop that and luckily they have many uncommon allies to help along the way.

In this first book, Kendra and Seth go on a mini quest to help strengthen Blackwell Keep. I love quests and adventures. There are usually puzzles to solve and challenges to overcome. Though this quest is small, it was fun to read about and really let their characters shine.

I'm so excited for this series! Magic, fairies, demons, dragons, adventure and two amazing siblings, it has it all. 5 stars!

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  1. I love a good dragon story and this one sounds great. Thanks for the enthusiastic review. I've added it to my summer reading list.

  2. I'm not much of a fantasy reader, but you make this sound very enticing. Thanks for the review.