Friday, June 16, 2017

Kiss Me, Kill You by Larissa C. Hardesty

It's YA Friday! Welcome to this stop of the Kiss Me, Kill You Blog Tour. For my part I am doing a review of this YA thriller by Larissa C. Hardesty.

The Story-
Emmy has never had a boyfriend, let alone a first kiss, however, she likes to read about them in romance novels and her best friend Lily has a social life hot enough for both of them. Her sixteenth birthday is approaching and Lily wants Emmy to get out there and live a little. First she asks out her crush, Paul, but when he turns her down she is devastated. So, when jock Jake asks her out, she is all in.

The only advice she gets from her bff and then her own mother, don't kiss him. What? There is no way she is going to listen to that advice. Unfortunately, when the time comes, she sucks Jake's life force out and he almost dies. Emmy is introduced to the world of the Succubi. Women who live on the romantic energy they steal from others. Emmy's mom never told her about it, so she is in shock, though her bff Lily was raised as a Succubus.

Turns out her crush, Paul, is an Incubus, and he's been sent by "The Powers" to keep an eye on Emmy and make sure her introduction to their world runs smoothly. Too bad Paul is falling for Emmy and Emmy doesn't like the idea of being a Succubus. Plus, "The Powers" require all Succubi and Incubus to kill someone once a month and send their souls to hell. What's a girl to do?

My Thoughts-
I've been waiting for a YA Succubus story. After vampires, witches, and werewolves I figured they would be coming soon. I eagerly read this book and enjoyed the ride. The story line is strong and the plot moves forward with good tension. I loved the world the author created and "The Powers" are completely evil and scary. This is for older readers, sex is implied and situations are hot. Overall, a great read.

However, I didn't feel particularly blown away. The romance between Paul and Emmy has no depth. He just suddenly is willing to die for her. Also, there is no foreshadowing of redemption. Not once do we see anything that is a threat to "The Powers" and there is no feeling that a good side exists. The story ends with the idea that there will be another book, but there is no hope of them beating "The Powers" who are all powerful. I'm sure something will come up, but an opposing force should have at least been mentioned.

So, I'm giving this one 3 stars!

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