Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MSWL- Manuscript Wishlists 6/21

Welcome to Inside the Publishing World Wednesday. Today I am trolling twitter and updating you on what agents and editors have on their manuscript wishlists.

First- A NO-No one:
Kelly‏ @YAFantasyFan  Jun 14
 #querytip Adding to my list of dislikes:
Cat goddesses that can talk
#MSWL #DoNotWant #Sorry

Brianne Johnson‏ @SecretAgentBri  Jun 16
 Still (and prob always, who am I kidding) looking for witchy, beautiful, grounded Practical Magic-y fiction in MG, YA, & adult genres. #MSWL

Camel Press‏ @CamelPressBooks  June 17
 We're looking for romances, both contemporary and historical! #MSWL Submit to us! Our guidelines:

Lydia Sharp  @lydia_sharp  June 17
 also still seeking a romance with characters who are ballet dancers in YA or NA, doesn't have to be contemporary but contemp is ok #mswl

Alec Shane‏ @alecdshane  Jun 16
 #MSWL a book about Seattle and the rise of the grunge rock/alternative music scene in the early 90s

Lauren Spieller‏ @laurenspieller  Jun 16
 I want more funny books! Funny MG, funny YA! FUNNY ADULT! #mswl
Lauren Spieller‏ @laurenspieller  Jun 15
 Super random #MSWL: I want a middle grade that features hoarding or homeschooling. Bonus points if it is both!

Carrie Pestritto‏ @literarycarrie  Jun 16
 An #ownvoices Caribbean-set women's fic #mswl

JenniferMarchSoloway‏ @marchsoloway  Jun 16
 Would love to find a #YA romantic comedy. Think teen #MasterOfNone. Awkward dates? Check! Weird pairings? Yes! Make me laugh. 😁 #mswl

Susan Graham‏ @Grahamophones  Jun 16
 #mswl I just had a MIGHTY need to read a YA contemporary about an aspec human who's a dancer- ballet, ballroom, salsa, hiphop? Anything. Pls

P.S. Literary Agency‏ @PSLiterary  Jun 16
 "Contemporary #YA that involves a modern-day version of the T-Birds or Pink Ladies." @msmariavicente #MSWL

Bon Chance Press‏ @BonChancePress  Jun 15
 We're a new publishing house actively seeking genres in the following: #YA #NA #A #T #F #SF #R #RS #LGBT #P #PR. Please query us! #MSWL
(I have not researched this new publishing house, so do your homework!)