Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Stop the Cliches! Advice from editor Alison Weiss

During my intensive with Sky Pony Press editor Alison Weiss, she gave us the following tips on what not to open your story with...

1. Looking in the mirror.
2. Alarms goes off. Character wakes up.
3. School showcase. Here's my bff, there's the hot guy, there's the bully etc...
4. Family showcase. Here's mom, dad, Billy Bob etc...
5. A tour of the setting.
6. I am so normal.
7. My life sucks and the whole world is against me.
8. The moving van rolls up and I get a look at my new house.
9. I'm the new kid in school. How will I make friends?
10. A selection or sorting of some kind.

Does your story start with one of those ideas? Time to go back and revise :)

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