Friday, July 21, 2017

Blog Tour and Book Review- The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash by Candace Granger

Hi everyone, and welcome to YA Friday! Today I am taking part in the blog tour for the new release from St. Martin's Griffin, The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash by Candace Granger. It will hit stores on July. 25th.

The Story-
Bash is trying to hold his life together while his grades are failing and his mom is dying from cancer. His so-called best friend Kyle, is a drunk, rich kid, who doesn't know the meaning of the word responsibility.

Birdie is a smart, geek girl who likes to quote facts. Her and Bash meet at a party, but before they can get to know one another, Kyle passes out. Then, the universe steps in. The next night, a drunk Kyle is driving Bash home when they think they hit a deer. That same night, Birdie's little brother is hit by a car while in his stroller, and suffers severe brain damage.

Kyle convinces Bash to keep quiet, but when Bash goes to work at the skating rink, and the new employee is Birdie, whose brother is in a coma because of a hit and run, their worlds collide.

My Thoughts-
As a writer, they tell you to put your character up a tree and throw stones at them to suck in a reader's emotions. Well, this author does an amazing job. Birdie and Bash meet and you know they are meant to be, then the accident, holy crap! How do you recover from that? Well, this story is told from two different perspectives, Bash's and Birdie's, a necessary duo so that forgiveness and acceptance can be given.

The whole book you're just waiting for the truth to come out and wondering how Birdie will react when it does. Both characters are so well written that the outcome is believable and heart touching. The tension of if Birdie's brother will survive hides in the back ground while the two get to know one another and slowly fall in love. Fabulous book!

A caution for readers, this book does contain a fair amount of curse words. In fact, I knew I was in trouble on the very first page. I know it is common in YA so I often don't care, but I did feel it was a bit excessive here. So, just a heads up.

Next, I don't often comment on cover design, but I really didn't like this cover. The roller skates on the front seem very juvenile and at first I thought this was a middle grade book, first page pulled me out of that notion though, lol. Very little time is spent at the rink and we actually don't see them roller skate more than once. I think something edgier would work for this concept. But, hey, the author doesn't get to pick the cover art, so I don't base my opinions on it.

This is a good read with heart. I really enjoyed the journey it took me on and the ups and downs that led to a great ending. Plus, bonus points for including the picture of Bash's bleeding heart bear at the end! I'm giving it 4 stars!


"..., I lose sight of Layla for just a moment. The crowd parts in a zigzag fashion and beneath the light machine, where the red, green, and blue hit the hardest, I see her—this statuesque beauty—hiding behind a trail of long brown hair and thick-framed glasses. With her hands folded snug in her lap, she’s looking around, sinking farther into the couch’s wilted threads as if hoping to not be seen, but I see her because hiding is typically what I do, too.

“My God,” I say. The cigarette hangs from my bottom lip, and this girl, who finally stops talking, is still looking at up me, glitter plummeting from her silver-tinted eye shadow. The flakes dance down to the tops of my boots like little asshole snowflakes. That shit should be banned. She follows my eyes across the floor to the big, plaid couch, letting her smile fade. Losing interest (finally), she drops my hand and disappears into the sea of people from which she first emerged.

With my heart nearly beating out of my chest, I watch Couch Girl. The way she tucks her hair behind her ears with precision, the way she nudges her falling glasses up the bridge of her nose, the way she pretends she’s not as earth-shatteringly stunning as she really is. Radiance surrounds her—not a halo, but some kind of ethereal glow—and I can’t look away. She looks up at me. Once, twice, three times; tries to avoid my eyes, but can’t. For the length of a whole song, my gaze doesn’t abandon her, and by the middle of the next song, she’s smiling at me. Score."

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  1. This book is getting some buzz. It sounds like a good one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.