Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Catie Flum- Agent

I had the privilege of meeting Liza Dawson Associates Agent, Catie Flum. Here are some cool details and facts I learned.

Flum graduated from Hofstra University in 2009 with a B.A. in English. She interned at Hachette Book Group and Writers House before becoming an editorial assistant at Bookspan. She is now an assistant and audio rights manager at Liza Dawson Associates.

Things she loves include World of Warcraft and the Never Night Chronicles.

What is she looking for? MG, YA, mysteries, thrillers, romance, and some NF. At the conference she told us she wanted a cruise ship love story. On the agency site is says:

"A mystery featuring an investigative journalist. Think Rory Gilmore doing her dream job
Women’s fiction with millennials (THE ASSISTANTS)
Historical fiction from perspectives we usually do not see and untold stories (BETWEEN SHADES OF GRAY)
Multi-POV told from different sibling perspectives. Characters that are lovable and flawed like the Bravermans
Adult and YA books that feature a child-free MC who doesn’t change her mind
LGBQT projects from all genres and age groups
YA SFF, please send me your epics. If it has huge battles, sweeping love stories, and twists and turns (THE CROWN’S GAME, ILLUMINAE)
Middle grade projects that have a voice that sounds like a kid, but also has beautiful writing (SOME KIND OF HAPPINESS, THE REAL BOY)
Any feminist projects, fiction or nonfiction, but the feminism needs to be intersectional
Complex, difficult girls/women as the main character (ALL THE RAGE), characters making decisions readers might not agree with
Narrative nonfiction looking at the impact pop culture can have on American culture at large, especially written by diverse voices."

Things she doesn't like to see? 
1. Cliched dialogue. "Your character should be the only one who could say that!"
2. Beginning scenes where people are dying or sick.
3. Info dumps.
4. Comp titles to the most popular books out there.

Feel like sending a query?
1.The beginning should include your hook.
2. Include comp titles. She says, "Hooks and comps are important. They help to get you from the maybe pile to yes."
3. Please send only a query letter in the body of the email to

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