Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lisa Mangum- Managing Editor Shadow Mountain

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Welcome to Inside the Publishing World Wednesday. Today I have an interview and other tidbits from Lisa Mangum, Managing Editor at Shadow Mountain. I had the oppurtinity to chat with Lisa and attend some of her classes at the ANWA conference last weekend.

First, Shadow Mountain is a general trade publisher best known for their children’s fantasy series including the bestselling Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull and the upcoming sequel series, Dragonwatch. They are also known for cookbooks by mega-bloggers such as Six Sisters’ Stuff and Our Best Bites, and New York Times bestsellers, like Christmas Jars. Find more info HERE.
Lisa Mangum herself, has worked in the publishing industry since 1997. She is currently the Managing Editor for Shadow Mountain Publishing and works with many New York Times best-selling authors. She loves fiction and is obsessed with the TV show, Supernatural. Though fiction is her first love, she also has experience with nonfiction and some children's picture books. By the way, she is also the author of four YA fantasy novels. Here is a picture of Lisa leading my critique group at the conference. It was awesome having an editor go through the first pages of my MS.

1. What is your current manuscript wish list?
*Proper romance in an exotic location or uncommon time period.
*General fiction- bonus points if its based on a true story.
*YA with a killer voice

2. What are some things you are sick of seeing?
The prophesied orphan boy who is destined to defeat universal evil.

3. What are some Do's when querying you?
*Do follow the posted guidelines.
*Do tell me the ending of your book.
*Do tell me about the character and the choices s/he makes.

4. What is your current favorite book?
Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

5. Do you have any advice for up and coming authors?
*Don't quit.
*Don't worry
*Dream Bigger

You can find her on twitter @LisaMangum

Interested in submitting? Shadow Mountain does not require that you  have an agent. Check out their submissions page HERE. 


  1. Lucky you to have had her at your table at the conference. Nice tips. I appreciate getting these from you.

  2. It was a great conference. I was very lucky to have Lisa be my critique group leader.