Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#MSWL Manuscript Wishlist recap 9/13

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Yesterday was #MSWL day on twitter. Here is a huge list of what was tweeted by agents and editors. I definitely will have missed something, so be sure to check it out.

Roseanne Wells‏ @RivetingRosie
 #MSWL have a strong voice start to sound the same. Don't write in the "proper" voice for kidlit/literary/fantasy/whatevs. Go deeper.

Meg LaTorre-Snyder‏ @MegLaTorre
#MSWL: Fantasy stories that are surprising & break from genre tropes/rework them in a unique way.
I'd love to see more diversity & unique topics in children's PB (in addition to the typical fun adventure stories). #MSWL

Dorian Maffei‏ @DorianMaffei
 #MSWL Want to see more speculative fiction from diverse writers in my inbox & literary science fiction with non-white MC

Natascha Morris‏ @SoCalledYALife
 I want a quirky, hilarious MG with a fantastic voice. #MSWL
 I've been dying for historical fiction. Ann Rinaldi and Ruta Sepetys are two of my favorites. #MSWL
 Cults. #MSWL

Jennie Goloboy‏ @JennieGoloboy
 I never get enough hard science fiction, especially written by experts.  #MSWL

Kaitlyn Johnson‏ @kaitylynne13
 #MSWL Anyone have any Atlantis stories? Have a craving (especially for the whole disaster disappearance storyline of it!)

Samantha Wekstein‏ @SWekstein
 High fantasy YA with a unique magic system #MSWL
YA with female gangs, guilds, or adventure squads #MSWL
 Middle grade book about a kid from a big family #MSWL

Elana Roth Parker‏ @ElanaRoth
Basically, don’t give me European fairy tale princesses. I want the fantasy of being a princess livened up and pushed ahead. #MSWL
 I hesitate to say this, but I’d be up for ambitious and imaginative retellings of some cool, deep-dive Bible source material. (1/2) #MSWL

Eliza Swift‏  @elizaswift
A YA about a weird, immersive summer job & all the relationships that come out of it. Adventureland for teens. #MSWL
A complicated, messy, heartbreaking, hysterical, ultimately loving story about female friendship in YA. #MSWL

Laura Zats‏ @LZats
More ace/aro characters, please #MSWL
 Uproariously funny YA that also breaks my heart #MSWL
 Straight romance where the hero and heroine occupy traditionally female and male spaces, respectively #MSWL
 Non-Greek, non-Roman, non-Norse, non-Egyptian, non-Celtic mythologies #MSWL

Becky LeJeune‏ @BeckyLeJeune
 #MSWL teen detectives a la V Mars 🙂 again, diverse MC a plus!

Stephanie Stein‏ @stephlystein
 Dragons. That is all. #MSWL
 I talk a lot about wanting LGBTQ YA—but lately I'm really dying for an LGBTQ middle grade! Self-discovery, first crushes, family! #MSWL

Becky LeJeune‏ @BeckyLeJeune
 #MSWL horror, horror, horror! Adult, YA, & MG.

Claire Harris‏ @cmharris53
 Looking for thrillers-- specifically ones involving serial killers. The darker it is, the more I'll love it. #MSWL (DM with questions)

Michael R. @MikeRUnderwood
I'd love to see more community-oriented post-apoc/disaster fiction that avoids the misogynistic libertarian fantasy mode. #MSWL

Brianne Johnson‏ @SecretAgentBri
 Seriously, WHERE is my beach witch book

Justin Wells‏ @Justin_941
 Query me with your 14-15th century European historical fiction (MG, YA, and Adult). 😊 #MSWL
Would love to see a F/F YA Fantasy w/ a troubled/threatened relationship. Think Aladdin meets The Winner's Curse. #MSWL #OwnVoices

Ashley Hearn‏ @AshleyHearn
 A YA Western with a touch of magic! #MSWL

Claire Draper‏ @draper_claire
 Always want to see more mental health #YA with more than just the mental health storyline #MSWL

Pam Victorio‏ @NerdyPam
Also I would like a gay retelling of Mulan pls. #MSWL

Sarah Guan‏ @Sarah_Guan
#MSWL: Diversity in all forms, always. Diversity of people, setting, culture, morality. Diversity as a feature—not a bug. Challenge me. #SFF

Diana M. Pho‏ @writersyndrome
I want hard science fiction society that explores the boundaries of what we can do now, 50 years from now, 100 years from now #MSWL

Blair Wilson‏ @blair_e_wilson
 Send your lyrical, atmospheric, ✨lightly magical ✨ YA my way! #mswl

Saba Sulaiman‏ @agentsaba
Honest/witty/messy/hilarious/heartfelt stories about the madness/exhilaration/exhaustion/joy/frustration of modern parenthood. #MSWL
I’m your agent for anything and everything Bollywood-related. My passion is personal and deep-rooted, perhaps second only to books. #MSWL

Chelsey Emmelhainz‏ @CKEmmelhainz
 Some #MSWL favorites (for mystery, suspense, crime fic): serial killer POVs, serial killers in general, female serial killers

Nicole Payne‏ @tnicolepayne
 #mswl Seeking Adult Contemp. I need men or women in uniforms dealing with life, work and love.

Mary C. Moore‏ @Mary_C_Moore   Science fiction, explorers on a new planet. Scientists not warriors. Lush world-building a must. #MSWL #scifi

Annie Bomke‏ @ABLiterary
 I like all things gothic: Southern gothic, gothic horror, gothic mysteries, goths. #MSWL

Kate Brauning‏ @KateBrauning
YA featuring horses--animal bonds are so key to young adults.  I want more of them! Family stable, local races, 4H to national level #MSWL
YA that gets out of the school and into work settings--internships, emergency responder training, summers working dangerous jobs #MSWL

Jennifer Herrera‏ @JennyMHerrera
 A historical look at badass female warriors? The answer is always yes. #MSWL

Rena Bunder Rossner‏  @renarossner
I'm always looking for Jewish stories, but what I really want are Jewish stories of resistance that are not Holocaust related.  #MSWL

Jill Corcoran‏ @JillCorcoran
 Highly illustrated chapter book series and middle grade by author/illustrators. #MSWL
 PB, MG, YA that makes my heart whole. Fills my soul in a way I didn't realize I needed. Ur story+voice envelopes me in peace & love #MSWL
 On the hunt for Grounded SciFi: on earth but something is different. Must have unique concept+authentic characters+emotional core #MSWL
For now, NO dystopia, paranormal, PB or GN authors that do not also illustrate #MSWL

Dorian Maffei‏ @DorianMaffei
 #MSWL Upmarket, historical, SF, or speculative featuring a florist, botanist, or any flower/plant oddity

Stefanie Lieberman‏ @hellegilly
 Is your voice full of hard-edges and relentlessly hilarious (e.g. VEEP)?  Write me a ms!  #MSWL
 PostWWII/50s hist fic set on a train (when train travel was glamorous) making comment on class &/or race #MSWL

Tera Cuskaden‏ @TeraCus
Would love to see erotic menage paranormal and sci-fi romance. Think breeders, fated mates and/or a woman bonded to multiple men. #MSWL

Rena Bunder Rossner‏ @renarossner
 Super interested in books about religion, especially in YA and MG. These are the years in which kids form religious identity. #MSWL

Julie Dinneen‏ @JulieDinneen
 #MSWL A beautifully-written family saga set in the Wild West. #fantasyelementsoptional

Peter Knapp‏ @petejknapp
 #MSWL - fun, high concept MG adventure series! I love adventure, puzzle-y stories, and bonus points for humor
 #MSWL - standout YA fantasy. I'm looking for jaw-dropping, cool world building and a new, exciting hook.

Lauren Spieller‏ @laurenspieller
Clarifying earlier tweet--I want anything and everything Middle Grade. Contemp, fantasy, name it, I want to read it. #MSWL

Gemma Cooper‏ @gemma_cooper
Random things I like - Hitchhikers Guide, unicorns, Heathers, Murder She Wrote, kissing, Project Runway, animal POV, Hot Fuzz, history #MSWL

Caitie Flum‏ @caitief
❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜  all genres - YA contemp, YA SFF, book club, romance, thrillers, historical fiction, ALL OF IT. Especially #ownvoices #MSWL MG too