Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The 25th Annual ANWA Writers Conference

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Over the weekend I had the best time at the ANWA (American Night Writers Assoc.) Writers Conference in Arizona. If you are a writer you need to attend conferences! RWA, SCBWI, etc... Writing is such a solitary endeavour, and when you go to a writing conference you put wind in your sails and find a tribe to belong too. Of course, it is also a way to pitch to editors and agents.

Conference included three days of fun. On Thursday, we started off with a motivational speech from Joshua Perkey. He had the entire room standing up and shouting "I am a creator!" Then we had the most amazing session with Shadow Mountain senior editor, Lisa Mangum. She actually went through first pages and then edited them live on the big screen.  Wow, what a peek into the mind of an editor!
Later on we had writing sprints, first page critique groups, and then a pitch session demonstration from Agents Lisa Rodgers (JABerwocky) and Catie Flum (Liza Dawson Associates).

Friday and Saturday were full of classes and intensives, with a keynote address from author Julie
Berry.  Friday night was the big conference gala, where I won a prize for best Haiku about writing! (see picture)Which was awesome, because I kind of wimped out and didn't wear a costume when everyone else did.(See next picture.) Saturday for me was the highlight of the conference. Why? Because I had two pitches scheduled, one with an agent and the other an editor. All writers get nervous before a pitch, no matter how many times you do it.
 I began feeling the pressure before my last pitch, and left class early to take deep breaths before waiting for my turn. I'm so glad I made it, because my full manuscript was requested! Then, I went to my room and lay down, lol.

It was such a wonderful experience. I'll be highlighting advice from the editors and agents that spoke during the next several "Into the Publishing World Wednesdays". Tomorrow, I'll be spotlighting Shadow Mountain editor, Lisa Mangum, who I interviewed during a book signing. (next pic)

For now, enjoy some pictures of all the fun.


  1. I have never heard of this group or this conference. Thanks for telling me about it. Sounds like a great time. I attended two conferences over the summer and they were really helpful.

  2. I love conferences. The only drawback is the expense.